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    Need help for clarify the beer from new brewer

    Give the gelatin a try. Or wait, gravity always works, even in Thailand (so I've heard). My favorite trick is to name the beer "Unfiltered"
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    A problem?

    Do you have a chiller? Ideally you'd chill is straight to 68. If you don't have a chiller or if you happen to be somewhere where the groundwater is very warm, that's probably the best you can do.
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    First batch

    Give it at least 10 days
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    stuck fermentation?

    So it's my guess that your beer is done with the main part of fermentation. The best way to tell is to take a gravity reading and see. The yeast will have an expected attenuation and you can see if your beer has gotten to that point. I'm guessing you'll want to see it in the 1.015 range give...
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    1st time kegging help

    I agree. I'd give most beers at least 10 days and that's if I'm in a rush.
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    Whirlpooling without a pump

    I know this doesn't answer your question exactly, but you should consider boiling with your hops in a hop bag. That being said, I don't think you need to move things too much to get a good cone going.
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    Hoppy Red Ale (extract)

    That amount of roasted barley will not be too noticeable especially at 1 ounce. Many folks use an addition like that to get some color w/o too much flavor. I use Crystal 120 and Chocolate Malt to get a reddish amber in the SRM 18 range. So yours calculates to an SRM of 15 and that'll be a...
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    Newbie brewer needs some advice.

    The clarity thing is all about time and gravity letting the yeast fall out. I don't transfer my beers to a secondary, but I used to. Just keep them in the primary for about two to three weeks total. Keeping the beer on the yeast won't hurt (it actually helps) and you reduce the risk of adding...
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    I think I messed up

    IPAs like this often start to taste really good after about 6 weeks of age on them I've found.
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    I think I messed up

    Relax. It sounds perfectly normal to me. Your main fermentation was probably done around the time you transferred it. It will take some time to clear. There's still some work going on with the yeast still in suspension - that's a big beer you have there. 1.020 is really close to 1.019 so...
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    Wheat beer Idea?

    I think it depends on what you want to add. Some spices like the coriander and bitter orange are probably better for the boil. I lke to add fruit to my wheats every now and then and that's better during fermentation (and even better if you are kegging) or I suppose some things you could "dry...
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    first all grain

    BierMuncher's Centennial blonde is a good one to consider as well. Reasonably hopped, not too big and turns around pretty quickly...
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    my first brew

    So it sounds like you are well on your way. 1.018 after 2 days means you've still got a little fermentation left to go. Your sample is cloudy because of all of the yeast still in suspention. I'd let it run for 3-4 more days and take another sample and see how close you are to your target...
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    Calculating IBU for Keggle

    For the formula, you'd calculate based on the total volume in the keggle, so that would include what you leave behind. I agree with JRems, 1.7G is quite a bit. What is your setup? Sounds like you could improve that quite a bit! I have a keggle with an offset diptube and leave less than half...
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    First Clone

    a wire whisk works pretty well. Mix it in a bowl with some warmish water and stir it there.