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    Source for inexpensive copper tubing?

    $31.55 at the local HS supply for 50' of 3/8's here in Charlotte.
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    Stone IPA Clone Comparison - You pick the real one!

    Due to time restraints I was able to mash this for 90 min. but only able to boil about 75 min. Do you think this will be an issue? Everything else was pretty much right on. I did lose a little temp. in the long mash. Webie
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    EdWort heading to Tennessee

    The Smokey Mountain Brewery had a good pale ale and helles last year when we went. And they have something like 32 oz mugs! Enjoy and if you eat there get the cheese steak - it was great. Webbie
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    Counterflow Chiller Tutorial

    Good point Bobby, I guess if the ID is limiting the amount of liquid that can travel through the chiller that increaseing pressure (static head) will increase flow. Water towers are tall for a reason. Webbie
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    Counterflow Chiller Tutorial

    What is the approximate time to gravity drain a given amount of wort through the chiller? Would a 25' chiller be able to gravity drain a keggle (say 11 gallons) in sufficient time to not have to worry about taking too long to cool? I have a few projects lined up (keggle, CFC, 10 gal batches)...
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    BM's Centennial Blonde

    I have a batch still in the secondary from March. With everything in storage (trying to sell the house), I hope it is still good when I finally get to keg it. Webbie
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    Building a wort chiller, ideas?

    Bull, That is a serious Immersion Chiller. Jess tends to stay up on costs, but who knows. I see you are right down the road in Indian Land. I am in Fort Mill. Your set up looks much better than mine. Webbie
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    Building a wort chiller, ideas?

    If anyone has an H-D supply nearby, check there tubing prices. I got 50' of 3/8' refrigeration tubing for $41.55 including tax. Of course that is here in Charlotte. Webbie
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    Carboys on Ebay... Is this possible??!!??!!

    I sent a question about purchasing more than one and local pick up to see if there is any price difference. I will let everyone know what the outcome is.
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    Carboys on Ebay... Is this possible??!!??!!

    This is 20 minutes up the road from me. I think I will ask about local pick up. With these, and the soon to be converted keggle, I think production may increase in my brewery. Webbie
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    Free CO2 distribution manifold.

    For my manifold in my Sanyo I use one (currently) with a barb in the top for the CO2 in, and two check valve out the bottom with flare connections. Works great for keeping two kegs at same pressure, and I just let it hang from the regulator line. No need to connect it to the inside permanently.
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    Free CO2 distribution manifold.

    The local flyer or email had them @ $.49. Even better.
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    Cultured Pacman brew.

    Fermentation was all but done when I got home from work last night. Krausen has fallen and I am going to try to wash this yeast or maybe just pitch another batch in a few weeks on the cake. All in all I am please so far with the experiment. Will update on how the beer turned out.
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    Cultured Pacman brew.

    I propagated some Pacman from a couple of Dead Guys and pitched into EdWort's Haus Pale last night. Wow! that yeast is awesome. I already have about a 3 in thick Krausen and the airlock is working over time. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Webbie
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    Thanks, I will keep my strike water a little lower and see what I get.