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    East bound and down!!!

    Only, This time the Bandit decided to steal real beer! ws
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    I think I found my next diy project...

    Unless of course it's already been posted.. then i'll keep it for myself. (cause i'm too lazy to look and see)
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    Who is this Jamil character?

    Thank you kind sir! My data was old. I guess I haven't been paying enough attention this year!!! DOH ws
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    Beer Related Professions.

    Ok crew.. Help a fellow beer lover out! I've gotten to a point in life where I MAY be ready for a change of career. (takes a lot to say that now that I realize it) I live in Mississippi and the beer laws and culture here are waaay behind the times. Aside from a Brewer or Resturant...
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    Who is this Jamil character?

    Maybe only once.. Sierra Nevada Homebrewer of the Year twice. FYI: The Ninkasi Award is named for the Sumerian Goddess of Beer and is given to the winningest brewer in the second round of the national homebrew competition. here is a link to Jamil's home page:
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    Any Springsteen fans?

    +1,000,000 Everyone should own this one! There is a version on ITunes called "We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions (American Land Edition)" It has 5 Videos along with it as well as some extra tracks not included on the originally released version. One of the videos is a 43 minute...
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    Keg Sale at B3

    FYI.. seemed like a good deal with free shipping for 4 reconditioned kegs.. $99 - shipped too bad i'm broke... ws
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    How do you afford?

    #9?? I had some last week.. Yummy!
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    top three equipment upgrades?

    Here you go.. looks like morebeer just did a website re-do.. ws
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I popped one of my bottles today that has been carbing for one week. has some tiny bubbles in it. just enough to feel on the tounge.. I'm excited for another week from now.. and a week from then too.. hope it lasts... need to go get another batch in the fermenter.. ws
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    Digital Probe Thermometers

    I have the exact same thermometer and have have fixed your exact problem by putting the probe in the oven to dry it out. works just fine now.. ws
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    Beer Magazines?

    Here are two others to look at. and neither focus on homebrewing but they are exclusively about beer.
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I'll add my 3 gallons to the total. should be bottling this week if i have time.. 1291 + 3 = 1294
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    Fridge Disposal?

    Hey group. I have a small cheap mini fridge that I broke trying to convert to a kegerator.. How do i go about disposing of it? You can't just put it out with the garbage right? anyone want to come pick it up from me you can have it.. i'm in jackson, ms but you have to come soon...