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    Today I screwed up by...

    Finished bottling a Zombie Dust clone and reached for the distilled water to start the yeast washing process. Unfortunately the bottle I grabbed, which had the same size, same color, and same looking label as what I was looking for, was not distilled water but instead ... distilled vinegar...
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    How much whole coffee bean in a coffee/vanilla porter?

    Do you sanitize the beans? I ask because I've tried doing this with coffee beans and my obsessive "better safe than sorry" personality says I should soak the beans in vodka first. I'm still a noob at all this so my fermentation vessel is still good ol' fashion plastic. I put dry hop material...
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    Tips you would like to have known when you first started brewing?

    Be sure to use distilled water to wash yeast. Just because distilled vinegar is next to it in the cabinet and has a similar label and container doesn’t mean it will work the same.
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    Ever Dumped a Brew? Regrets?

    Dumped my first one last night. It was a 3g BIAG pale ale. Frustrating as it was, it was doubly frustrating as I felt I'd finally dialed in my equipment and hit all my numbers. Problem was the blow off tube fell out of the water bucket and my nice, golden pale ale turned a deep, rich, dark...
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    When to step up from Extract to All Grain?

    I've been brewing just under a year (so I'm definitely not a pro) and made the jump to BIAB about 3 months ago and feel strongly that the quality of my output has improved substantially since. I also enjoy perusing the various forums finding killer recipes that can't really be duplicated from a...
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    My First Attempt At BIAB

    Sir, this is a stupendous idea! I have one of these thingees and shall use it thusly.
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    Can't contain my excitement!!!

    My first BIAB grain delivery is scheduled for tomorrow so I’m going to piggyback on your thread. Done 7 extracts so far and am psyched for this weekend. It’s a 2.5g Zombie Dust clone. Plan is to do 2-3g batches going forward; like you I’m the only one drinking it and I like a lot of variety...
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    Are IPAs hard to brew?

    Thanks for the info, will look into this. Appreciate the insights everyone, thanks!
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    Are IPAs hard to brew?

    Fermented for two weeks per the instructions. I'm guessing diacetyl because it has a buttery aftertaste to it and, well, I guess that's what I found out on the various web pages and message boards. So, yeah, I really don't know for sure so maybe it is oxidation? I was quite careful during...
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    Are IPAs hard to brew?

    Been brewing for about 5 months; I'm still using kits. Had a NB pale and Hef turn out fantastic! Tried the MoreBeer Columbus IPA and the Brewer's Best IPA kits and neither turned out all that well. On the Columbus IPA I used Pacman yeast and a yeast starter and pitched at 70 degrees (OG was...