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    Drying yeast

    Lots of people have dried ale yeasts. Kveik is the only example I could find with an actual cell count test. I was personally successful drying WLP090. Kveik is a Beer 1 yeast, so it's likely many of the US/UK/Bel/Ger yeasts can be dried.
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    Drying yeast

    Here's an actual test. 50% viability at 6 months old dry. http://suigenerisbrewing.com/index.php/2019/08/28/drying-kveik-the-grand-finale/
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    anyone try homebrew hard seltzer ?

    I don't think you'll like the taste of a fermented sugar wash. Sugar washes are meant to be distilled. Triple distill it while making clean cuts, then add soda water to the final product (or proof-down with water and bottle carbonate with priming sugar).
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    Favourite Yeasts

    I've settled on Lallemand Voss Kveik dry yeast, fermenting at 85-90f. So delicious with simple store-bought apple juice.
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    Calorie calculation in cider

    No, 1g sugar converts up to around .51g alcohol.
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    Calorie calculation in cider

    I've never done a chemical analysis on a batch, but this is the calc I use to estimate calories/carbs. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/carbohydrate-calculator.521002/#post-8578642
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    I've stopped cold-crashing. My 3rd-gen Voss flocs so well it carbonates quite slowly. On the other hand, I can gently empty the entire bottle and the microscopic layer of yeast at the bottom stays put. If you force-carb, then yeah, cold crash and it'll really clear up.
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    Small Batch in Grainfather - Sparge?

    I filter my tap water for both mashing and sparging. While a cold-sparge might not be as efficient as a hot-sparge, it'll definitely be better efficiency than no-sparge.
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    Small Batch in Grainfather - Sparge?

    I find it easy to sparge with room-temp water while the wort is heating to a boil.
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    Mike "Tasty" McDole Homebrew Recipe

    Tasty was always tweaking his recipes so can't say which recipe they were talking about. His collab Tasty IPA from 21st Amendment was incredible. Try this one out: Homebrewers- Make a Session Beer - Drake's Brewing Co.
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    Can I pasteurize before fermentation is complete?

    173F is only for pure ethanol. A cider won't boil until around 200F.
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    Late harvest grapes

    39 brix is off the chart! Depending on the yeast you're using and how sweet you want the finished product, target more around 25 brix.
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    Favorite Cider yeast and why?

    I'm fermenting at room temp, 90F. Plain old store AJ, 1 week to ferment, 1 week to bottle-carbonate. So delicious, I'm hooked!
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    Favorite Cider yeast and why?

    I've only started with cider, and Kveik Voss is incredible. I'd love to hear someone else compare Voss to other S-04, etc. for brewing ciders.
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    Dry your own yeast?