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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    This is my main concern in adding an unwanted off flavor. Oh well worry a try to see, given the positive feedback. I am pretty sensitive to anything off so I am sure I will pick it up.
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    Yea but still a starter and definitely not as simple as pitching dry. I have the stir plate and all equipment I need, I just don’t always have the inclination or prep time to do it. It’s fine for a specialty beer and like I said will continue the practice for my lagers, but would like to...
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    Ok well next 10 gallon IPA batch will be split. Harvested WLP001 in one, US-05 or Nottingham in the other. I will report back.
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    Have you noticed any difference in the first batch pitched with dry vs subsequent batches? I have read that 2nd generation dry yeast is as good as liquid, but it’s the first gen that can have off flavors.
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    So I know there has been many threads on dry vs liquid yeast and I know the arguments. I was hoping to get some feedback from some experienced people that have their process dialed in, and have tried both. I have not used dry yeast since I started years ago, and the beers were awful (for many...
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    Long time all grain brewer going back to extract and I'm glad I did.

    Even though I just dropped a good dime on an all in one system, I think I may try one of these partial mash short boil brews. Maybe a pale ale or something similar. Sounds good for when I want to only brew 5 gallons on a cold day.
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    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    You should be fine. The yeast in that recipe is fine down to 64, and I usually start my ales a couple of degrees colder than stated. I would worry about it being too warm than cool, especially for the first 5-7 days. Any time you are relying on ambient temps, you need to monitor it. A run...
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    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    plus a 35$ inkbird controller and you are set. I am about to get my 3rd chest freezer since I do a lot more lagers now and need different coolers at different temps. (:
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    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    I brew on a 240v Grainfather G40 in the garage. Although I can fully monitor it indoors with their software and only run out there when it alerts me, I brewed this weekend when it was below freezing and ran into some issues. I have a frost free hot+cold hose hookup nearby, but forgot to pull...
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    That German Lager taste

    LODO aside, I wouldn’t recommend following the earlier advice in this thread, because I did and I really can’t stop drinking this last batch, it’s so good! :) It’s been a while since I have been in Germany, but it’s what I remember about it being so good. A certain freshness, a nice malt...
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    To Helles with this

    White Labs just sent me an email saying WLP860 will now be available year round, so I think I will give this a try next.
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    Post your Christmas Brew-gifts

    Does it count if I bought it myself, because a new Grainfather G40 showed up at my doorstep last week. (: Oh and a gift certificate from the mother in law.
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    Technique for harvesting yeast from bucket fermenter

    Hey all, I typically overbuild starters and save half. But I want to harvest some yeast from a really good Pilsner this time. I use Anvil stainless bucket fermenters. I’ve read plenty and watched videos but it never works well for me. Does anyone have a good technique for harvesting from a...
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    Dissolved Oxygen Experiment- Interesting Finds with Beer Transfer Method

    How does one introduce active yeast into a closed transfer without doing more harm than good? And at what temperature would you do this?
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    Motor for barley crusher

    yea the first time I tried it, I attempted to hold it. I smashed my finger and flipped the whole crusher upside down, barley and all, in one motion. Lol. Now I make sure it’s pegged to the crusher mounting board and no worries.