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    Seriously stop using acronyms,

    I am sure you think this is funny, but I got nothing at all out of what you just "wrote".
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    Seriously stop using acronyms,

    Wow, I expected better from you, Revvy. If this was supposed to be funny, the sarcasm does not come through very well.
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    Seriously stop using acronyms,

    Oh ya! IMO is proper grammar right?
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    Seriously stop using acronyms,

    because its really annoying having to google it and still not be able to figure out what the heck you are talking about. How lazy do you have to be to cut 12 letters off of a sentence? Its confusing, it does not clarify or help relay information well, which is what this website is about. Most of...
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    Belgian Aging

    What is BDSA? I hate acronyms...
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    What the hell would this taste like? (Imperial Stout)

    How much yeast did you pitch? Starter?
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    Can near empty keg cause overcarbed beer?

    How long has it been carbonated? How did you carbonate it? If you did the shake method, the keg might be just be beginning to be fully carbonated.... OR, if your keg gets colder and the pressure stays the same it will make the beer more carbonated. Other than that, I can't think of a reason...
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    Frozen Primary

    That was an annoying read.... let me sum it up for you, your beer is fine!
  9. somedudefromguam

    I made a bleach boo boo.

    How much bleach did you use? Did you dilute it? I have been using 1 oz vinegar and one oz bleach in five gallons of water to sanitize my fermentors... I know people that are super sensitive to phenol flavor/aromas. I ave always wondered when someone was going to be able to tell that I use...
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    Heady Topper

    So, here is an update on a beer I brewed 7 days ago: I wanted to experience the effects of a single hop addition at flame out. 1 gallon batch 2row 88% Crystal 20 12% 1.046 OG 1.010 FG 2 oz Chinook 15.6% aa. Added at 178, temp dropped to 175 after hop addition at 2:40, 168 degrees at 2:45, 165...
  11. somedudefromguam

    Cheap co2 regulators?

    I want to add a couple regulators...found these... After deciding to buy, I have come to realize that these say maximum psi 300, I am thinking that it might not be safe to use with CO2. I remember reading a thread that recommended and...
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    Rogue Maple Bacon ale

    Where did you try it on tap? I always ask for it when I go to a different Rogue brewery and am always heard that they don't serve it on draught. I can't bring myself to pay 15 bucks for the bottle after all the bad reviews I have heard. I might spend 5 on a pint though....
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    Mash - Water to grain or grain to water?

    I heat up the mash water, add to mash tun then add grains. This way the mash tun is nice and hot and I can always hit my temps perfect. That simple....
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    Berliner Weisse Ferm. Question

    Wow, another guy on here is having the same problem... I have brewed a few berliner weisses using the sour mash method, they have all fermented vigorously and have dried out to 1.004-1.007. I even had one that was ultra sour and the yeast...