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    Mark II Keg Washer Pump

    I have a different problem. My keg dip tube attachment broke. The barb that I attach the cleaning line specifically. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for that? It can't cost more than a couple dollars to produce.
  2. snowtiger1987

    “Bier! Der Film” - German country style brewing, blew my mind

    I guess they are not concerned about hot-side aeration o_O
  3. snowtiger1987

    Diacetyl troubleshooting - Safale US05

    6 packs for 10 gallons is WAY overpitching. 2 would have been plenty. Overpitching can cause problems just as underpicthing can.
  4. snowtiger1987

    Leffe Clone attempt, any way to get FG down

    Your best bet is to use an enzyme that can break down some of the remaining long chain starches into fermentable sugars. Why the mash at 158? That seems awfully high to me for a Belgian beer.
  5. snowtiger1987

    What area of the US has the best brewing water for most styles?

    A lot of the water we get here in the Front Range of Colorado comes through the Moffat Tunnel, a 6.2 mile limestone lined tunnel going through the Continental Divide. I find the water I get from that (after it goes through my municipality) has very little mineral content (so it is soft) and a...
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    Diacetyl Woes (Advice Please?)

    I wished I liked the taste of diacetyl. I am a human taste detector for it too. I can smell it from across the room if someone opens a bottle of beer that has it. :( I recently had it develop in half of a batch of Brut IPA. I fermented in primary for 14 days then dry-hopped into 2 - 5 gallons...
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    Yeast Blend

    Agreed. I used to do a blend of WLP 565 and Wyeast 3711 for my Saisons until Inland Island Yeast started doing it for me.
  8. snowtiger1987

    Setting Aside Yeast for Bottle Fermentation

    I normally use dry Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast (not called that anymore, its the yellow packet) to bottle condition my Belgian beers. Costs $.75 a pack at my LHBS. One pack is good for 2 - 5 gallons batches. I boil water, take out 1 cup worth and let it cool to 100 degrees or so, then...
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    Add yeast prior to bottling?

    Depends on your OG.
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    Roll Tide Red ....brewing today .

    1.072 to 1.014 is more than 5% ABV. That is more like 8%
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    Roll Tide Red ....brewing today .

    I just brewed my Tiger Victory Double IPA this past Friday. Should be ready for the Cotton Bowl. I will be there.
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    Rye Wine Decoction and Partigyle Brew Day

    I would leave it at least 2 weeks, maybe more. Just taste it every few days and take it out when you like the flavor is where you want it.
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    Vienna Lager Fermentation Profile

    I would lager longer than 14 days. I normally go for 30.
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    What's your go-to, workhorse yeast?

    +1, US-05 for ales
  15. snowtiger1987

    Brewing Pumps... Need assistance please

    This series of vidoes will help: