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    Too hot...Now what?

    I brewed an ESB, which I fermented with Danstar Windsor yeast. Due to poor planning, the beer ended up fermenting at 75-77 degrees. By the time I was able to get the temperature down, the yeasties were all done. As expected, the beer is very estery and bit alcohol-y. What's the best way to...
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    Seattle Area homebrew club?

    I've gone to a few of their meetings. It's a very laid back, good group of folks. They do meet once a month, usually the first Wednesday. This month it is the 13th. Their meetings basically consist of sampling the homebrews and discussing them, followed by the usual chit chat. They don't...
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    Seattle Brewers! 08/02/2009

    Turns out I'm going out of town this weekend and won't be back until Monday. Keep me on "the list" though if you have future brew happenings.
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    Seattle Brewers! 08/02/2009

    Sounds good to me...especially since I live a mere 4 blocks away from that QFC. Post a date and time and I'll try to make it.
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    How much grain in a 5 gallon cooler?

    I've also got a 5 gallon round cooler. I find that it maxes out at 13 lbs of grain at 1.25 gal/lb. And this ratio leaves a little bit of space to make small temperature adjustments, if necessary. If I want a stronger beer, I just make up the difference with extract.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    Well, I'll throw in my (thusly far) 10 gallons: 1196+10= 1206
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    WinterHop Brewfest

    I've been wanting to go to the Winterhop fest for the last few years, but something always manages to come up. Hopefully next year. Enjoy!
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    Seattle Area homebrew club?

    I can't really offer any helpful advice, because I'm also searching for a homebrew club. I'm probably going to check out the North Seattle Homebrewers because I've met a few folks from that club and it's the closest to me geographically. They also seem like they are pretty active on their...
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    Central/South American brewpubs?

    Thanks for the tip about Argentina. On my way down south, I met other travelers raving about Argentina's beer. Unfortunately, I only made it as far as Colombia and then came back. Argentina will be next on the list though. Anyways, in addition to the brewpub in Honduras, I also found one...
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    Naked City Taphouse Grand Opening!!!

    Bummer I can´t make it. But Naked City will be first on the list as soon as I get back to Seattle. Congrats Brewtopia! (If I haven´t said that before.)
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    Central/South American brewpubs?

    So I´m currently on an extended trip through Central and South America and I was wondering, does anybody (for the love of god!) know of any brewpubs in this region of the world? For the most part, all of the beer here is of the flavorless lager variety (and is mostly owned by SABMiller :()...
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    Using mead yeast

    Ya know, I've never tried the real Midas Touch so I can't say. This had a nice subtle sweetness and a champagney/white winey sort of flavor to it. I couldn't really perceive the saffron though, which is a bummer because that stuff is so freakin' expensive. The BYO clone recipe that I used...
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    Using mead yeast

    Reporting back: It's done! The SG has been steady for about 2 weeks now and the samples that I pulled have cleared quite a bit. So it appears to be bottling time. So in sum, OG was 1.075, FG is 1.013, which is almost 83% apparent attenuation. This was brewed on 3/23, so it took about 6...
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    WAHA Inauguration Event - Seattle

    Liberty Mutual just purchased Safeco Insurance either yesterday or the day before.
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    WAHA Inauguration Event - Seattle

    I was at my LHBS yesterday and saw a flyer for the inauguration of the Washington Homebrewers Association. It's going to be May 20 at 7pm at the Elysian Fields (by Safeco...err, make that Liberty Mutual Field). Dick Cantwell, co-owner and head brewer at Elysian, will be speaking. Looks...