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    Mind playing tricks on me?!

    Oh snap, wrong subthread, I wanted to post in general chit-chat, accidentally put it in general HB'ing; sorry.
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    Mind playing tricks on me?!

    Hey. So.. the story goes like this; Me and a mate were in the local watering hole at friday, I started drinking the house special from the tap, and I can swear the first 2 were perfectly normal, but the third one - from the same line and the same keg had an overpowering H2S rotten egg smell...
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    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    I love Baldacci's writing, but I have to admit, Hour game was really rather dull and not worth the read.
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    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    Mark Greaney - Gray man - Fantatic book, hihgly recommend.
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    How long for priming sugar to diffuse with no stirring?

    Why not just use a botteling bucket and batch priming?
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    Music Match

    Warriors of the world - MANOWAR
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    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    DAMN epic live. Best concert I ever been to. They really communicate with the crowd.
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    Music Match

    Yelawolf- Let's roll
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    Clove in mead

    @JimRausch That Sounds like something I would like to do. Is there a more precise recipe? Thank you
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    Clove in mead

    Hey! Got a question... I'm a rather new mead-maker, just finished my first 1G batch (total time a bit over a year) ABSOLUTELY loved it.. I'm making a gallon of the same thing, and a gallon of blueberry mead, a recipe I got from a friend. Also I'm making six one litre batches (each one is a tad...
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    Movie name game

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    How many gallons of mead, 2021

    Started 2 1G batches and 4 quart size batches...I think quart is closest to a litre. 16Gallon + 4 quarts Edit: 4 quarts = Gallon.. -.- Imperial measurements make no sense to me. So Total= 17G
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    Co2 question

    thank you for the food for thought. Since 10L(20#) tank would be alot more financially economical, I'm thinking, I'll go with a single 10l bottle at the moment, and when the need arises, I'll purchase another one, or maybe think of a gas distribution system for doing other steps with the CO2...