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Born in Michgan, small town of Romeo, Go Bulldogs! Track runner, football running back starter and lettered. Graduated HS 1982. Joined army reserves at 17 in 11th grade. Active duty 1983-1991. Field Medic/Clinical Emergency Treatment NCO for 6 years, 3rd Infantry Div, West Germany"Marne Dog!". 2nd Armour Div, Ft.Hood, Tx"Hells Fires!". Also was Nuclear Surety NCO for 2nd Armour. Graduated from Army enlisted nurse program accelerated, St.Philips college, Honor Roll and Presidents List 3.8 GPA Ft.Sam Houston in San Antonio. Served as pediatric nurse, Tripler Army medical Center, Honolulu, did pediatric Medivac out of Hickam AFB to Japan, Philipines, Guam, S.Korea, Midway. Medical discharge in 1991, disabled veteran. Did pediatric home nursing for 2 years in Michigan. Went back to work for Department of Defense as a civilian, Cardio-Thoracic nurse for 10 years, Brooke Army Med Center, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio Tx. Retired. Have 4 children, 5 step children, a ton of grand babies! Love College football (Wolverines! Texas! Houston! TCU! BIG 10!), Pro football, Lions and NFC. Love to fish, bbq, read read read. Enjoy astronomy since I was a kid. I have a Celestron 15x70mm binoculars for star gazing, a 6 inch Meade Newtonian reflector, 6 inch Celestron Schmidt Cassagrain catadioptric, 5 inch Bushnell Maksutov-Cassagrain, a 4 inch Celestron refractor I put on top of a computerized Meade LX85 mount for planetary and DSO observation, Celestron 5mp Neximage and ZWO ASI120MC-S planetary cameras . Enjoy planting flower gardens, BBQing, fishing. Avid movie collector, but mostly for the past 10 years my real passion is brewing beer, learning more and more. Brewing is such a joy! I only wish I could afford to go to brew master school. No matter how much you think you know about brewing, there's always more! You learn something new all the time! I love making my own brew recipes and sharing my brew with neighbors and family and having my LHBS critique my brews. It really is a passion!!!
State / Province
Wolverine State
Retired Cardio-Thoracic PCU nurse
Real Name
Favorite Music
Classic Rock, Grunge, Motown
Favorite Movies
SciFi, historical/period, historically correct war movies or documentaries
Favorite Television Shows
The Exspanse,Homeland,Stranger Things, Vikings, The last Kingdom, Star Trek all series, Westworld.
Favorite Books
Dune series, Mithgar series, war history, Belgaraid and Mallorean series, Brewing, Astronomy
Clubs and Associations
2nd Armor Division association, 3rd Infantry Division association
Home Brewing Biography
Started home brewing around 2004, did extract till 2009, then started doing partial mash/BIAB for about 4 years. Last 7 years graduated to all grain brewing. Have gone from OK Mr. Beer extracter to ok BIAB partial masher using plastic buckets to pretty good advanced all grain brewer using all SS. . Currently have 4gal Anvil fermenter, 2 Chapman 7gall 1 ported 1 not, 10 gal Igloo mash tun with SS false bottom, 5 gal igloo mash tun SS mesh drain, SS Imperial sparge arm, SS silver serpent wort chiller, 1 inch quick flow Auto-siphon, 3.5cu ft Igloo mini fridge for beer storage and 2 gallon lagering, Arctic King dual tap Kegerator also used as fermentation chamber, A19A Johnson temperature controller, dual cold/heating controller, fermenter heat wrap, Cool Brewing cooler bag for 5 gallon lagering. Been bottling for 14 years, ready to start kegging! Have a new Northern Brewer 5 gal keg, Northern Brewer 3 gal keg, 5 pound CO2 tank, Mark 4 brew pump and always adding more brew toys!
Future Brews
Oct 2021 will brew 3 gallon Belgium White Christmas Spiced Wit Ale
Czech Premium Lager
Irish Red
Last was Strong Amber ale and Irish Red Nov 2019.
This weekend will keg Czech lager and Irish Red


Brewing Skills go hand in hand with bottle conditioning...they both improve dramatically with time!!!
Don't take the fun out of your brewing!! BREW IT! JUST DO IT!!