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    poison oak/ivy

    This is completely accurate. The hottest water you can stand provides great temporary relief from the itching. I found this trick most useful when I'd wake up in the middle of the night wanting to scratch at it, but didn't want to apply calamine lotion that would get all over the sheets when I...
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    Let's talk minivans

    We've had a couple Grand Caravans that have done really well for us other than the alternator going out a few times - at inopportune moments, of course! The first one was totalled in an accident (not our fault), but the second one is still kicking with almost 250k miles. I just picked up an...
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    Netflix Sucks

    I love Netflix. Unfortunately I haven't had as much time to watch movies recently so we dropped back to the 1-at-a-time unlimited plan. $10/month is worth it for a few discs and access to stream anything.... I don't watch too many mainstream ('popular') movies, and when I do want to see one...
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    SWMBO hobbies?

    SWMBO raises and trains German Shepherds for Schutzhund - a sport similar to police dog work. Dogs compete in three phases - tracking, obedience and protection - over the course of a "trial". It takes a dog with a lot of intelligence to learn it all - particularly the protection phase. You...
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    I-Tunes/ I-Pod the way to go?

    Not to venture too far off topic, but you can find loads of legal free live music recordings at You can stream them through your computer and/or download them (in FLAC, mp3 or ogg formats) to your hard drive - and eventually to your spiffy new mp3 machine. I'm a "taper" - I record...
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    I-Tunes/ I-Pod the way to go?

    No aux on your car stereo, but do you have a cassette deck? FM transmitters suck compared to the fidelity you get with a cassette adapter... I love my Sansa mp3 player. I picked up several of the 2GB Clip model when woot had them for $15. It interfaces with PC, home stereo and car...
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    Growing peppers (for cooking and pairing)

    Thanks! Those pics are from my first time making sauce and I'll definitely be doing it again (and again!). I forgot to mention that during the simmering phase I had two fans blowing on high and still had to stir at arm's length because the fumes are so potent! I lived in Albuquerque for 2.5...
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    Anybody in or familiar with Appalachicola, FL?

    Swmbo and I rented a place on Cape San Blas - just 15-20 miles west of Apalachicola - a couple years ago. This was in late Jan/early Feb and the beaches were nearly deserted. It was warm in the day but chilly at night. Best part about where we stayed? DOG FRIENDLY BEACHES! Our German...
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    Growing peppers (for cooking and pairing)

    We ordered most of ours from New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute: Burpee's is the only place to get the Biker Billy seeds, iirc. Pretty sure we used three places this year but I don't recall the name of the last one since SWMBO did...
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    Growing peppers (for cooking and pairing)

    This year we're cutting back on the number of tomatoes in the garden to make room for more peppers! Here are the seeds we'll be starting in a few weeks: Regular jalapenos Biker Billy jalapenos Poblano Barker hot New Mexican chile Joe E. Parker New Mexican chile Yellow mushroom pepper Fatalii...
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    Another Coffee Roasting Thread! Favorite Beans

    I was given some green beans but have yet to attempt to roast them. Seems like a good winter project. Any good advice or primers I should check out? I'm absolutely hooked on my favorite local roaster's Ethiopian Harrar - must be the fruitiness of the beans...
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    Cold Brewed Coffee

    Love the cold brew coffee! If you've ever had a great iced coffee beverage, it was likely made with the concentrate produced by the cold brew method. Without the heat you get a really smooth coffee flavor without the bite. The drawbacks are having to prepare it at least the day before, and...
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    need a good inexpensive mp3 player

    Another happy Sansa Clip owner here. I jumped on the 2GB model from Woot last year for $14.99 - bought three of 'em!!! They just came up again recently for the same price so I bought three more!
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    Pets...And Why We Eat Them (Bring BBQ Sauce Here)

    I haven't seen the show, but are you sure it was monkeys? Kopi Luwak is coffee made from beans that have passed through the digestive system of a civet cat. It's considered quite a delicacy... a quick Google search shows the going rate close to $300/lb.!
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    Pets...And Why We Eat Them (Bring BBQ Sauce Here)

    This is the closest Chinese restaurant to my office (seriously!): :D