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  1. Saccharomyces

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    For anyone squeamish about taking the machine apart to fix the glycol problem - it took me all told about two and a half hours from start to finish, and the procedures were exactly as described, you don't need to be particularly handy to do it yourself. The most annoying / difficult part of the...
  2. Screen Shot 2020-01-19 At 12.27.46 AM

    Screen Shot 2020-01-19 At 12.27.46 AM

    Zymatic heating after HEX repair
  3. Zymatic heating before HEX repair

    Zymatic heating before HEX repair

  4. Saccharomyces

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    Welp, I followed the procedure, the HEX swallowed 130ml of glycol (seemed to have been about 1/2 full) and now the machine is running properly. :rock: Thanks for the help! Before: Zymatic heating before HEX repair by Saccharomyces posted Jan 19, 2020 at 12:31 AM After: Screen Shot 2020-01-19...
  5. Saccharomyces

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    I have been gifted a Zymatic from a friend who hadn't used it in a few years. I ran a few cleaning cycles and got tons of gunk out, but am still getting FE1s. I've implemented the suggested workaround using a step heat water recipe to get to 115*F, and then it works fine from there, so I can...
  6. Saccharomyces

    Help! Making a 13% ABV with a Final Gravity @ 1.100

    I'll have to go digging to see if I have a bottle of the nutmeg left. If it is indeed 1.100 my suspicion is that it was step fed. 13% ABV and 1.100 is about 83 Delle units (4.5xAlc + RS). With enough happy yeast and warm ferment temps you can reach that point by starting at the desired FG and...
  7. Saccharomyces

    American Porter Imperial Honey Porter

    I pulled 5 gal of the second runnings off of this year's, boiled with a third ounce of magnum and an ounce of willamette hops at flameout, came out great, it's about 5% ABV. If you try scaling down the recipe I would keep the percentage of specialty malts higher so the honey doesn't dominate the...
  8. Saccharomyces

    American Porter Imperial Honey Porter

    Brewing the following 10 gal batch on Black Friday (I always make something dark on Black Friday.... get it??): Inebriation Ale 2015 - 10 gal - OG 1.094 ============ 20# Maris Otter 8# Munich 2# Chocolate 2# Flaked Barley 1# Special Roast 1# C60 1# Special B 4oz Black Patent 4oz Smoked Malt 4#...
  9. Saccharomyces

    Mead in Clear or Brown Bottles

    Yeah that's a real stumper. My prime suspect would be oxidation, I have never been happy with the seal I get with flip tops. They work great for short term storage -- I use mine as 1L growlers -- but they seem to let too much oxygen in if the seals are not brand new.
  10. Saccharomyces

    I love no sparge brewing...

    For those of you who are using this method, I'd like to have your feedback -- How are you using my method -- e.g. BIAB, like my setup, single big mash tun with 100% mash volume, etc. Are your efficiencies matching up with the spreadsheet I posted? How is your grain absorption volume...
  11. Saccharomyces

    Berliner Weiss

    Moving to keg shouldn't be a problem. The main idea is to let the lactic acid bacteria consume all of the sugars they can before introducing them to the yeast -- and bacteria are a bit slow, especially if they aren't in their ideal temp zone. That said, if you take a gravity reading and it's...
  12. Saccharomyces

    Berliner Weiss

    If you don't want to use a commercial sour culture for this, you can do the following, which I have tried and it worked *very* well: Start with some weak wort around 4*P (1.016). A few tablespoons of DME in a liter of hot water will do the trick. Toss in a handful of grain. Stick it in your...
  13. Saccharomyces

    Irish Red Ale Irish Red (1st place HBT comp)

    A buddy and I brewed this back in the fall with WLP940 Mexican Lager. It was so good I pretty much went on a week-long bender and drank it all. :drunk: J/K but it didn't last very long, I think it was my favorite so far, with 1272 (my original yeast) coming in second and a version with US-05...
  14. Saccharomyces

    Slanting yeast

    It takes a few attempts to get the right amount dialed in. When I switched agar sources I kept using the same weight, and ended up with slants so thick that yeast wouldn't even grow on them. Oops. Generally the lab agar powder sets up quite a bit firmer than the health food store stuff. Both...
  15. Saccharomyces

    Caramel Apple Mead

    I'm really enjoying this mead. I need to make some more of it!