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    1st post

    I'm back again!
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    Damn nice!

    Looks like this site has really taken off!! good to see it has grown and doing well keep up the good work
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    american beers are good too

    I thought heinken was a german beer? later bob
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    more members

    well i brought in doesnothing and patooyee. good luck bob
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    When I was in Italy I had a beer called Spaten, it was pretty good. Yet I don't recall where it is brewed. Who knows? thanks bob
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    great great great grand dad

    Apparently my great great great grand father used to own a beer establishment that was bought out by anhauser Bush. cool huh! later bob
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    My backyard Friday night, lets drink some! later bob
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    Clock or counter clock

    Should I stir clockwise or counterclockwise later bob
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    more members

    Yeah my suggestion is you get more members!!! haha bob
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    What's used?

    I've heard Asian born beers were rice beers instead of hops & barley. Is that true? thanks bobby cox
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    Sweet beer

    Anybody got some recipes for a beer with a slightly sweet taste like pineapple? thanks, Bobby Cox
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    what do i need

    I've got no clue what I need as far as equipment to get started brewing beer. Can someone tell me what all is needed? Thanks, Bobby Cox
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    1st post

    Hahahah I"m the first baby! yeah!!!