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    Re-creating Authentic German beers at home

    See post previous to yours. Or just dismiss out of hand information published by a slate of so-called experts from TUM-Weihenstephan.
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    Re-creating Authentic German beers at home

    Gelatinization temperature increases with decreasing Hartong VZ 45°C. So you won't necessarily know the exact gel temp, but can estimate it, and judge whether a particular malt might necessitate adjusting the mash program. Some of Weyermann's malts, for instance, particularly the Barkes, have...
  3. Robert65

    Re-creating Authentic German beers at home

    Achieving that high degree of attenuation is not difficult at all. But common homebrew practices such as simplified mash programs and underpitching yeast will make it impossible. I discussed mashing in post #7. It is also important to pitch sufficient healthy yeast (a smack pack in a 2...
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    Re-creating Authentic German beers at home

    Under 2°P or bust I'd say. But that's relative. What you're looking for is a good 85-86% AA. You'll want to pay close attention to mashing. Mash in at 131°-135°F, raise immediately for beta rests at 144°F (say 20 minutes) and then at gel temp, say 147°F for 30 or more minutes (this has to...
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    Looking for a German Style Mentor

    Precisely. The "malt antioxidants" are the very polyphenols and other compounds that constitute the flavor of malt, and that will be the last line of defense against intolerable staling in packaged beer. The goal therefore is to preserve them intact through the brewing and packaging process...
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    What did I cook this weekend.....

    No chick peas, more cheese tonight; these riffs on panzanelle are real go-to suppers for me in warm weather. (Now, I'm just waiting for local strawberries to come in, and I'll be into my very favorite versions...)
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    Stupid Joke Thread!

    Two fish are in a tank. One says to the other, "I'll drive, you run the gun."
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    Why don't U.S macrobrews taste like European?

    No, it varies. In many countries the American beer has to go by Bud, not Budweiser. In the USA, the Czech beer has to go by Budvar (made up from the first 3 letters of the name of the town, and the last 3 letters of the word for "brewery." Imagine the American product labeled "St. Lewery.")...
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    How cold to crash a lager starter?

    It isn't going to stop and drop until it's done fermenting. Apparently 18 hours wasn't enough.
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    Best News Headlines

    Haha! If Aesop wrote a Country song....
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    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Nom Nom Gai. You're welcome.
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    Best News Headlines

    103-Year-Old Woman Celbrates Beating Covid-19 with a Cold Beer
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    Simple Spunding Solution

    You can do better. Brew your beer on the space station. Then you can "purge" your keg by just sticking it out the airlock. Seal it, bring it back inside, hook up to the spigot on your fermentor, and let the vacuum draw the beer into the keg. Time this for just before undocking and reentry...
  14. Robert65

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Panzanelle plus, I guess. Bread, Cherub tomatoes, English cucumber, mini sweet peppers, scallions, with chickpeas, greens, and Provolone, dressed with lemon-garlic-mint vinaigrette.
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    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Parchment is paper impregnated with silicone, so it doesn't really exhibit its nonstick, instant release properties until it's up to oven temperature, but then stays separated from the food and doesn't melt and burn once there. (Really waxed is just good for wrapping stuff cold, and if your Mom...