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    After force carb and pressure reset I forgot to open valve - been 2.5 days

    So somehow I made a doofus mistake. After force carbing for 30 hours at 30psi and purging the keg I dialed the pressure down to 13psi but somehow forgot to open the CO2 valve. Don't know how this happened as I even checked the next day and can swear the valve was open. So anyhow, I reset it to...
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    What additive are Southern Tier, New Belgium, and Elysian using in their Pumpkin beers?

    Been a while since I've posted, but haven't stopped brewing! So hello all, hope you're all well and healthy :rock:OK so it's quite obvious IMO that they're all using the same additive in their beers as I taste the *exact same* sweet candy like pumpkin spice flavor in their beers. It's kind of a...
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    Monster Mill 2-roller gap adjustment instructions

    Posted about this a long time back. Here's the response I received from Fred about adjustment: "If you make sure that the adjustable roller is coming up from UNDERNEATH the drive roller on both ends when you set the gap, then the thumbscrews should hold. There is TWO positions of the adjustable...
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    Mash Tun Preheating Question

    I have been using the Ss Mash tun for 5 months now, made 10-11 beers with it. I preheat mine using 5 gallons of 170 degree water. Been working flawless this way. In the beginning I tried less water like 4G and lower temps like 160 but I found some small temp loss in the mash. Preheating with 5...
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    New grain mill - proper settings

    Just a heads up - running grain through twice doesn't make up for not using a tighter gap setting. Wheat is smaller than barley and without tightening the gap up it likely won't get crushed much and depending on your gap setting if at all. Many here use a gap setting of .024 for wheat and .030 -...
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    Grey colored malt = old?? First time problem, dumped mash due to total stuck runoff

    Called into NorthernBrewer, they are replacing all the lost malts and apologized for the mistake . Very happy they were so nice and easy to work with correcting this. Rev.
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    Grey colored malt = old?? First time problem, dumped mash due to total stuck runoff

    Thanks man! Definitely seems I got rye by accident. Like mentioned I've never brewed with rye before. I didn't notice a difference in smell but that is likely because I had a pound and a half of Briess Cherrywood Smoked malt mixed in with it. My friend and I mostly noticed the smokey smell. I...
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    Grey colored malt = old?? First time problem, dumped mash due to total stuck runoff

    Duuudes, you guys are so right! I just looked up rye (never brewed with it before) and the pic on Morebeer looks exactly like what I received! Is rye really that gummy in the mash? Rev.
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    Grey colored malt = old?? First time problem, dumped mash due to total stuck runoff

    So I've been brewing something like 8.5 years. I've made pumpkin ales without ricehulls early on so I'm totally familiar with a stuck or slow runoff/sparge, but with those it was always just a very slow runoff. This was 99% stuck with a dribble. I was doing a beer with 8.5lbs Franco-Belges...
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    Watermelon Wheat First Version

    Here ya go. The only thing I'd like to ask is if you brew this as-is (unmodified) if you wouldn't mind keeping the name. :) Waterloo (Watermelon Jalapeño Wheat Beer) - Recipe by Rev Ingredients for 5G Batch: 5lb 8oz Rahr White Wheat Malt 3lb Briess Pale Ale Malt 1oz Hallertauer 4.1% AA (Boil...
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    Blueberry IPA

    If he bottles and uses potassium metabisulfite to kill the yeast how is he going to get the beer carbed up in the bottles? Rev.
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    Watermelon Wheat First Version

    Nope, this is Kenny Wilson's thread, I only commented later. So no that's not the recipe. I can PM mine to you if you'd like. Rev.
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    Watermelon Wheat First Version

    It has the actual jalapeno flavor, a lot of it! When you first smell the beer the jalapeno is very prominent on the nose with the wheat beer behind it followed by the watermelon which is the least noticeable in the smell - it's mostly jalapeno. Then when you sip it you first get the watermelon...
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    Blueberry IPA

    It is indeed!! :) Rev.
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    Blueberry IPA

    Yes you can add cutup blueberries but why not just press the fruit to squeeze out the juice?? Just adding cutup blueberries is only going to leave a barrier between what you actually want to extract (the inside juice) and its container (the flesh). You will need to use more blueberries than if...