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    3 word story

    Time for re-boot
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    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    country cookin'
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    Diacetyl rest

    The way I understand the process of yeast cleaning up diacetyl... The Diacetyl precursor, alpha-acetolactate (AAL), is produced as a byproduct of active fermentation. It oxidizes to diacetyl, at which point the yeast will convert it into diols, which have a much higher taste threshold. This...
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    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    I find myself in the drunken ramblings section fairly often when work goes haywire... so here's this:
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Saturday is going to be a Dunkel Dopplebock. I screwed it up last time learning how to use my Spike Solo... I've got it sorted out now.
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    3 word story

    worked as expected
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    11 gallons of no-chill märzen... 1936 + 11 = 1947
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    New post a picture of your pint

    "Blue Can" American Light Lager. Just went into the keg Sunday, so clarity and carbonation are both lacking... But it's a damn tasty yeast starter anyways. Can't wait for the märzen that went in after it.
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    Best advice to give a new brewer?

    Nah man, nothing like a nice, brisk, 6am brew day with a big ol' cup of hot coffee! I'd say no brew(s) before the boil though!
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    Best advice to give a new brewer?

    As several others have mentioned already, my best advice for someone looking to improve their beer is to invest in temperature controlled fermentation. Why? Well, you don't actually make beer. You make the sugar-water that we call wort. The yeast turn that wort into beer. You want your...
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Based on that, I suspect that you'd also say that checking on my smoker every couple hours or so while cooking up a brisket is a recipe for a catastrophic fire. Nah, I disagree. I took the time to figure out what my production rate is on my RO system and check on it several times throughout...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    For a first attempt at the style, and even for a mature recipe, I can't be happier with this English Brown Ale. This is a hard (vertical) pour at 10 psi and 38°F (2.4 vol).
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Day before. I get 4-6 gph out of my RO unit. Usually brew on Saturdays, so get home from work on Friday, set up system, start filling water, check on it every couple of hours while I do chores, cook dinner, etc.
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    Remaining CO2 in Cylinder

    You are looking for a marking that starts with a "T". My current 20# CO2 cylinder has a rare weight of 11.4 kg, which comes out to just about 25 lbs.