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    Spicy liquid in keg - will this permanently flavor my beer lines?

    Planning to have a party and fill up a 19L keg with spicy margaritas for a novelty for the wifes birthday, is this a terrible idea? I only ask because I have a camelbak that permanently taste like cinnamon due to being filled up with fireball a few times. No matter how much you rinse it out...
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    Bottling or Keg System - When Do You Realize It's Time For An Upgrade?

    Im glad I have a kegerator for 2 reasons: 1- Home brewing is much easier task when you dont have to dick around with bottles. You can back sweeten things AND have them carbonated. You can carbonate things instantly with the high pressure and shake the keg method 2- The kegerator is just plain...
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    Stuck the fermenter into the kegerator last night to see if cold crashing would settle everything down and now its been like 12 hours and that whole gradient of particles floating around has settled down to the bottom almost completely. Now the fermenters top 80% is clear and the bottom 20%...
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    After it sitting for 2 more weeks it still hasnt settled all to the bottom. Its had a gradient of clarity (top clear, bottom hazy) for the last 2 weeks. Im almost thinking the weirdness in my numbers is because all the fermentable stuff has settled into the bottom half of the fermenter and the...
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    Took a reading just now and its down to 1.002. Thats like weirdly low for beer is it not? Very odd
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    It seems to be fermenting a little more vigorously now and I am hopeful that perhaps it may be unstuck. Its also possible that the bubbles i saw after putting in the raspberries/juices was just degassing and now it has taken off fermenting the fruit sugar and that it will stop again at 1.020 but...
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    So I brewed up a Pale Ale kit from Brew House which is the concentrated wort kit (comes with 15L of wort) which I then add water and top it up to be 20L. OG was 1.060 and it got stuck at like 1.023. I used a dry saffale s05 for this batch. Its been at 1.023 for like 2 weeks now without any...
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    Glitter Beer - I would like to make some and found this video, what do you think?

    I dont think it would work very well if you're kegging it. If you've ever seen the hypnotiq bottles at the liquor store the glitter settles to the bottom after a short period of time. Your first couple beers would be a mega dose of sparkles and the rest of the keg would probably just look...
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    Insignia Kegerator Temperature Too Warm

    I have this same one with the dual tap, I get foam around the 9-10 psi mark but below that the first pour is fine. In terms of temp i have mine always set on the control to the lowest setting and Ive found a few times that my beer lines have frozen and I had to adjust their position forwards...
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    Blow off tube water...

    Probably fine. No idea whats in your water in the blowoff pot but nothing in there should be back contaminating your beer.
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    Where do you buy shanks/faucets/etc?

    Buying faucets in canada I priced it out and it was slightly cheaper to just buy it from the local home brew store. Once you factored in the shipping across the border and taxes the cheaper online prices get withered away
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    Anyone have the Insignia 2-tap kegerator from best buy?

    Overall I'm really happy with the unit. I think for the price you pay (can find it $100 off on sale intermittently) its a pretty great deal if you dont want to go through the process of building one yourself. Was super easy to setup, definitely cools beer nicely. I find i can turn the CO2 up to...
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    How to force carb in a week?

    So perhaps I will agree with you that it is a misconception that cold liquid absorbs gases faster than hot per say, but I can definitely get my beer carb'd faster if its cold than if it were warm given the limitations to the amount of pressure of CO2 I am able to apply with my regulator to the beer
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    How to force carb in a week?

    I have a fairly extensive chemistry/science background and i have to admit - you've lost me. In your example of 10psi @ 2 degrees vs 27 psi at 20 degrees I definitely get that 27 psi at 20 degrees is faster (assuming your math is correct and they both equilibrate at the same volume of CO2)...