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    What went wrong with my Porter!

    just a quick update. I found another thread with fellow brewers describing similar symptoms. Link for anyone interested. The quick summary from this thread is that it could be wild yeast or a bacterial infection, and...
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    What went wrong with my Porter!

    I haven't tasted since this development. At my last gravity reading it tasted normal. The best description I can give is a whitish surface layer. It kind of accumulates around the edges, but there are some blobs floating in the middle too. There are some pics in my gallery...
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    What went wrong with my Porter!

    I made a Porter a couple of weeks ago following my normal processes and sanitation methods. After about a week in the secondary fermenter, a scary surface layer is developing and I am worried I am losing my beer. Still smells like beer, but whats floating at the top is not something I've ever...
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    Dale's Pale Ale

    The Dales Pale is real good. The same company also makes a Scottish style beer called Old Chub and of course it only comes in cans as well.
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    re-using yeast

    I saved a bunch of the yeast slurry in four jelly jars (the small mason jars your grandma used to make preserves in) and I was wondering how long this slurry should last?? I have kept it in the fridge for three weeks already. How long is to long to keep it before it goes bad? Because I will...
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    You do what with the buckwheat?

    Hey Silly Yak, This is the best site I've seen for actual GF brewing. In most of their recipes they use sorghum as the main fermentable, and buckwheat is also used, but not in large quantities. I think the buckwheat...
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    Yeast Slurry harvesting with PBR?

    How dare you call the PBR crappy, I think this is a noble use for the PBR. Look at it this way, PBR is so great that it just saved your ass a lot of work, boiling water and stuff, what a great beer, and don't forget the times PBR got you through all those times of being broke and out of homebrew.
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    Saving Yeast cake

    I am new to this also, and am not even sure what you mean by a starter. I was hoping one of you could be more specific about it. My guess is that, maybe the day before brewing mixing your bottled yeast slurry with some sanitized water and DME to get the yeast active again before pitching??
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    Hemp Beer

    Wow, surprised with all the posts! and the Book, who knew those stoners could get it together enough to write a book on the subject. I to, have the 'friends' who have done the brownie experiment, by simmering the 'hemp' in butter then adding it to the brownie mix. I figured that the heat...
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    Hemp Beer

    This might be a delicate subject but thought I would throw it out there to stir the home brew pot a little. Has anyone ever made a hemp beer before? and by hemp beer I know!
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    Gluten free beer

    There is a brewery out east (states) somewhere that is currently making and advertising GF beer. Last I saw the farthest west it is being distributed is in Iowa somewhere. Hasn't made it to me yet. They have a web site for anyone interested.