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    CO2 cartridges for purging

    Hi All, I don't keg my beer due to not having the space for it. I would like, however, to use CO2 to purge a carboy to prep it for lagering. I would rather not buy a big CO2 cannister - again, due to space and cost, especially since I don't keg. My questions is: Can I use a CO2 cartridge and...
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    🔥GIVEAWAY🔥Hello members! Inkbird would like to give FREE here.

    I would love to have these! Count me in!
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    Big Mouth Bubbler lid - yet another solution, maybe the easiest

    I have the carrying strap for the Big Mouth. It flips over the top and locks down and keeps the lid from popping up It also has a hole so the airlock fits as well. And you can use it to carry the thing around as well. Works just fine...
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    I want to lager in my garage this winter .. need blanket advice

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have an Inkbird heat mat and controller. It doesn't cover the entire carboy like a blanket, but I also have an insulation bag (which I use in the summer with ice packs). I was going to do a "dry run" with plain water in the next couple of days. I'll...
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    Starter question

    Thanks for your help, everyone! I Made some more wort using the calculator and there was definite activity! I pitched it last night and the Tilt is showing fermentation, so we will see!
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    Starter question

    Thanks for your quick reply! The pack was delivered Thursday and went directly into the fridge. The use by date is 25JAN2022. It was not on a stir plate, but swirled often. I did not use a calculator; I used instructions I found online. Do you think it would help if I added DME and water to...
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    Starter question

    Hi Gang, Is my starter starting? :) It's a WY3944, 650ml distilled water, 1/3 cup of DME. Smacked the pack and let it sit for about 4 hours. It swelled a little. But not much. Pitched at 71f. Been going almost 24 hours now. Previous starters I've made with other yeast had pretty active...
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    Best Online Store

    Several people mention Brew Maasters Warehouse, but it looks like it is closed? Can anyone confirm/ post a link? Thanks!
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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Cool! Thanks for the chance!
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    "Vinator" bottle rinser - Any good?

    I started with That One, but moved on to a FastWasher (FastWasher24 Bottle Washer). Not cheap, but alot faster and more efficient than doing each bottle one-by-one. I can use PBW and IOSan with it. I can clean and sanitize 48 bottle in less than a half hour. And putter around in the meantime!
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    Need extra yeast for carbonation?

    Hi! I have an English Porter that's been conditioning since April. Will/should I add extra yeast before bottling it to ensure carbonation? Thanks!
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    Friday Giveaway! Enter to Win Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 & IR Temp Gun

    Way cool! Count me in! Just did four racks of ribs for the Fourth - no leftovers! Paul
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    Can one just brew BIAB and top it up with boiled water?

    That's how I did all my brews before I got the Grainfather. As others said, stick with established recipes to start. Also, rather than just adding water (I always used distilled, no need to boil) take a gravity reading and add as much water as you need to get to your desired FG. There are online...