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    North Carolina Jaded cyclone counterflow chillers

    Two jaded cyclone tube in shell chillers for sale. One has cam lock fittings, the other plain tube ends. Used these in tandem for a year and a half with my 3bbl brewhouse, I’ve gone over to a plate chiller now but these worked great for a long time and thousands of gallons of beer. $100 shipped...
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    North Carolina 7 gal SSBrewtech BME Conical and FTSS2

    Pending pickup at this point. Will update as it goes
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    North Carolina 7 gal SSBrewtech BME Conical and FTSS2

    Pictures of what specifically?
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    North Carolina JaDeD Hydra immersion chiller

    One of the best wort chillers out there, cools five or ten gallon batches down to pitching temps in super fast times and cleans off super easily. $120 shipped in the lower 48
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    North Carolina 7 gal SSBrewtech BME Conical and FTSS2

    Up for sale is a 7 gallon conical Brewmaster Edition conical, with the leg extensions, wheels and FTSS2 heating and cooling system. I used this as a home brewer but since going pro it hasn’t been used once. Check out the pics, feel free to ask any questions etc. The heating mat is included, not...
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    Heating element internal ground

    It looks like you broke the pin off removing the base.
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    Glycol Temp Control Set Up

    I wired up an ink bird controller to switch an outlet then plugged an extension cord into it to plug in multiple things. You could also just wire up the controller to switch a standard two way outlet. You probably don’t need to control a heat source after all
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    Illinois 1.5 bbl electric brew system new whole/part out

    Can you ship? I could be interested in the kettles
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    North Carolina Single tap towers

    Got two of these which came with a kegerator which are surplus to requirements Single tap stainless tower, faucet, tap handle and beverage line connecting tube. These have a hard stainless tube which connects from the back of the shank down to a standard beer nut sized fitting below the...
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    Question; How do I know what commercial Beer Bottles have Twist-off Or Peel-off caps?

    Just look at the caps. You can see the threads on twist off caps
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    Ss Brewtech 15 gallon Electric Kettle Conversion

    Still got that punch? Sell it or trade it forward?
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    Ss Brewtech 1bbl nano brewhouse

    Difference between ten and one barrels is the associated infrastructure costs. The brew houses don't scar linearly but the tank space and cold room scale at power factors
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    Rims control box

    Buy a 240v pump and wire things safely. Ground and neutral should only ever connect at the main service drop