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    Carbed lager

    Sure. The beer will age a little (think of a 6 pack that you left next to the couch), but it will otherwise be fine.
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    Conical Vs Keg fermenter

    ?? Are there really this many people using Sankes as fermenters here? I am surprised that I'm the only one that finds cleaning them to be a complete pain in the ass. Granted, I don't have a modified Sanke with a 4" opening like SankePankey does (I am jealous), but I've found it to be...
  3. nebben

    My chimay red clone did not carbonate

    What was your OG, FG, and what yeast did you use? It is possible that it just needs some more time.
  4. nebben

    Gabf 2012

    Regarding the ticketmaster debacle...
  5. nebben

    Need Saturday Tickets (1 or 2)

    ...and if it is GABF you speak of, you also might want to clarify which session for Saturday! :)
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    Might be moving to Utah

    FWIW, 3.2% is not ABV: it's 4.0% ABV and 3.2 ABW. The rest of the world talks about beer in %ABV (a higher number), and when talking about Utah beer, they use %ABW (a smaller number) in order to make it sound even more dilute than it is
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    WANTED: GABF ticket for Saturday Member's only session (1)

    Stupid Ticketmaster. My friend was unable to get through to ticketmaster during the first hour and a half, and now the 1st Saturday session, the member's only one, is already sold out. If anyone has an extra I can purchase, please let me know!
  8. nebben

    Might be moving to Utah

    Holy crap, I have been away from HBT for a while... SLC has plenty of beers and at least three homebrew shops in town (Arts, Beernut, Salt City Brew Supply). Beer on tap is going to be 4%, and there are funky rules that you might see sometimes with that. Not often, but they're funky when you...
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    Fridge/Freezer Question

    Not really. The freezer and refrigerator are both getting cooled by the same compressor. A Johnson controller or similar turns the power on and off, without any special stuff. I have read a few builds where folks will put a heat exchanger in the freezer and that is hooked to a pump and...
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    Wild yeast

    Yea! How does it taste?
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    37 Plato Brandy Barrel Barleywine Recipe

    With your grain bill, I would have still expected a higher OG, especially after a 4 hour boil. Perhaps your crush was less than optimal? What is your typical efficiency for a 5g batch of ~5% or ~6% abv? My last barleywine was almost that gravity, and I only did a 90 minute boil and had a...
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    Conical keg

    The blichmann fermenators are pressure capable, but they won't go past 3psi or so without modifying the pressure relief piece on the lids. Doing this past 3psi could be dangerous. The concept of fermenting and serving from the same vessel is possible though. It would be more like a cask ale...
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    manifold configuration

    It could be a few things. 1/4" tubing with 10' distance is a lot of resistance. If you have any obstructions in your kegs, it would slow the flow also. Any hop debris or some kinds of trub can do this too.
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    Boil Over - Don't Let This Happen To You Home Brewers!

    HAHHAHAHAHAHA Everything looked so shiny right up until it blew up! Hops will always do that, so if you are anywhere near boiling over, it is imperative to lower the heat significantly then add hops, then resume boiling slowly. ...and brew outside. :)