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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    My truck-girl dirtier is lonely...and dirty.
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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

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    Help my clean keg smells like vinegar!

    I usually mix it with hot water, but it isn't critical. It will dissolve and break down any organic solids regardless of temp. Might help to tear down the keg as far as possible and soak all components. Nate
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    Help my clean keg smells like vinegar!

    I would soak it for a few days with PBW. I've had a few containers (primaries, mash tuns) that started to develop an odor after several uses, not bad...just did not smell "clean". After a few days soak, they were good as new. PBW is really an indispensable tool in the homebrew toolbox. Nate
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    Total Pre Boil Volume Question - Leftover wort in Mash Tun

    That makes sense...just wanted to be sure I was getting all the sugars possible...thanks for the quick reply. Cheers!
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    Total Pre Boil Volume Question - Leftover wort in Mash Tun

    Hey guys...I'm doing an AG batch and using a recipe from Austin HB that called for a 5 gallon sparge. The first runnings into the kettle totaled 2.25 gallons. I followed the sparge instructions and only pulled 4 gallons of wort to total 6.25 gallons into the kettle. The question I have is...
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    Show us your DIY wort chillers

    Here's my CFC. Nothing special to note...except that I use pool water to cool the wort. Goes from boiling to about 80 degrees in 15 min.:)[email protected]/4686295045/?rotated=1&cb=1276131313265
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    Post your infection

    hey guys....just brewed my first all grain batch this weekend...only problem is, it's been 4 days and this is what it looks like. Didn't use a starter...yeast was a little old, but stored properly. i'm not panicking yet, but it doesn't look like anything i've seen before...any thoughts? nate...
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    Broken Porter?

    I think you and I bought our buckets from the same guy. Mine never shows any activity either unless the fermentation is so wild that it starts coming thru the airlock. I peeked inside hoping to see some krausen last night, but to my horror, I found none. I haven't checked it tonight. I did...
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    Broken Porter?

    thanks for the info.....I thought about doing a starter but got rushed towards the end of the day. I've never used the white labs liquid yeast before. I thought they would be better/easier to use but from what I've read they're not exactly "pitchable" like they say.
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    Broken Porter?

    Hey guys.....I brewed a honey porter on saturday and pitched my yeast about midnight that night. The boil went great and my new homemade CFC worked like a charm. I used a White Labs liquid yeast and pitched at around 77 degrees. The best before date on the yeast was SEP 26, but I didn't...
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    The Perfect Crush

    Hey guys, Picked up an old corona style grain mill the other day at an antique shop. It's the latest addition to my toolbox in my quest for the all grain adventure. My question is, has anybody who uses this kind of mill found a good setting for the space between the disks so that you get a...
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    Diamond Knot IPAtience

    Hey guys. New to this forum and there's a lot of great info here. I'm glad I stumbled in. I've got a Diamond Knot IPA (DME) that I'm currently working on and had a couple questions regarding it. First of all, I only had this batch in the primary for 48 hours because it went absolutely nuts and I...