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    cooling the wort?

    Yes cooling it in the pot is the way I normally go about it. I have found that filling a bathtub with cold water and throwing the hot kettle in there(bathtub) works much faster than a sink full of ice.:cross:
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    Ants vs Ladybugs

    I have a colony of ants using my trellis system at a bridge(they come from the base of the pole).Does anyone know if they will kill my ladybugs and/or eat my plants?:mug:
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    Super sediment infection?

    I let the beer ferment in single 6.5 gallon bucket for about 3 weeks. This time I had used some corriander and orange zest in the boil.My hydrometer broke so I kind of just waited until the airlock was bubbling less than once every 3 minutes. I used 7# of pale malt and 2# of brown sugar. I did...
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    Super sediment infection?

    Thanks that link helped. I usually just test a bottle after awhile and if I get a hiss I start drinkin em! I wiill take the beers out of the fridge and let em age for a couple more weeks. Thanks for the quick reply Cheers:mug:
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    Super sediment infection?

    Howdy. I bottled some beers about a week ago and since I put em in the fridge they all have a pretty thick layer of sediment at the bottom. It isn't the solid kind. It floats all stringy when I move the bottle.Is this an infection or just extra yeast(I did a 1 stage fermentation with a...