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  1. MrClint

    Dig Tussy

    This home brewing hobby has led to a beer drinking/exploration hobby as well. Win/win. As a result, I happened upon this a nice little cream ale with a cool little touch of vanilla: The back story here is that the Heidi-Frank listed on the can are morning DJs here in LA, and my wife is a bit...
  2. MrClint

    Week Night Brew with BrewDemon Kit

    Thanks. I can't help but give these a few more weeks. Most likely I will pick them off one by one over time. There are plenty of brews to choose from at this point.
  3. MrClint

    Week Night Brew with BrewDemon Kit

    The final analysis for me is that this beer is OK. It's got some hoppy bitterness and some of the maltiness comes through as well. Probably best with a food pairing, and probably not at its best as a stand alone drink. I probably won't brew this again (at least for a while) and will instead move...
  4. MrClint

    Carbonating JAOM

    I like fizzy stuff. Has anyone tried carbonating JAOM? I can't find anything about it anywhere. Any one here tried doing it with fizzy tabs? Is this a potential bottle bomb? I just think carbonation would take it to the next level (hopefully not the ceiling of course).
  5. MrClint

    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    This one is poppy as heck and there's a naughty word in there, but it is really catchy: It became an ear worm for me (yes, I first heard it on a Sunday beer tasting), so much so that I had to do a jam over the progression:
  6. MrClint

    New member doing first BIAB SMaSH

    Shout outs to @McKnuckle & @BrewZer, giving it a little more time seemed to really help this brew. The wife and I enjoyed this along with some homemade burgers tonight. So much for snap (early) judgements
  7. MrClint

    BIAB - Cascade SMaSH Pale Ale

    At the risk of being an annoying new brewer who uses the forum as a journal for his brews, I will carry on and apologize from the outset. :) I just put a gallon of this brew in the little big mouth bubbler today, using the "Brew Better Beer" Amarillo SMaSH Pale Ale recipe with a few...
  8. MrClint

    NB Sierra Madre

    OK, bottled this today. I promised myself that I would be patient and allow this to bottle condition properly. :)
  9. MrClint

    New member doing first BIAB SMaSH

    @McKnuckle, good call out! It was a fairly early taste test. It could probably use a couple more weeks of bottle conditioning as you suggest. Even so, I'm not sure this is the SMaSH recipe that I want to work with long term. It seems rather specific and is more introductory than anything else...
  10. MrClint

    New member doing first BIAB SMaSH

    Yes, that's the one but I'm starting with cascade hops, which according to my "poking around" is a direct replacement for Amarillo. I've grown fond of Sierra Nevada PA, which is Cascade hoppy. I will start a new thread when I kick off this brew. Good to know. I use three huge ice packs that...
  11. MrClint

    New member doing first BIAB SMaSH

    To bring things full circle, this beer came out OK, drinkable, but it didn't really move the needle for me. The carbonation was on point, but the aroma and beer-y-ness was lacking. All of the hops are added all at once and that's probably the biggest issue. I don't want to tweak around with it...
  12. MrClint

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    You won't be disappointed. I don't make pizza very often as I tend to get my carbs from beer, but this is my go to. :) The crust comes out crunchy on the bottom because it is basically pan fried. Best of all you don't need any fancy pizza gear. That olive oil, salt & pepper, herb and cornmeal...
  13. MrClint

    Having a beer tasting party

    I was surprised as well. As I roll out to more and more people, I may get different results. It dawned on me that the goal line should shift from general acceptance (which is nice) to brewing what my wife prefers. She's not much of a beer drinker, but she does see where the money goes. If I have...
  14. MrClint

    Having a beer tasting party

    Caribou Slobber for a rock solid win. It was a hit. I will be brewing it again. Nothing else even registered. Hints of caramel, smooth, rich and balanced. People that never liked dark beer were very surprised and enjoyed it. Moose Drool was shrugged off. Hefe is an acquired taste it seems. My...
  15. MrClint

    Having a beer tasting party

    I called an audible in the pre-game warm ups. Josephsbrau Hefeweizen was not very tasty at all, nor do I think it is a good representation of the hefe type. I think hefe beer should be a little cloudy/hazy from the wheat proteins. This one is a bit too clear and just not that good (to my...