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    Brewing a Hefeweizen

    IMHO, that violates a lot of what I know about single celled organisms and rehydrating things. I'll explain to why I think it's not accurate and let you guys pick it apart. I've been baking longer than I've been brewing and I have to tell you that in baking, you don't rehydrate yeast in...
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    I'd vote for 1) double checking your sanitation to make sure that its sufficient and that everything is getting really really really well rinsed and 2) filtering your water. Chlorine isn't just bad for your fish. Our municipal water supply here tends to err on the side of caution meaning...
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    What base grains do YOU order?

    We make a lot of Kolsch, Hellas, and Hefe's here so we order what we need for that. Most anything else we get at the local store or on line in small batches. M.
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    Anyone have experience brewing with potatoes?

    Instead of doing all that hand shredding, why not just use the frozen shreds for hash browns? Just asking... M.
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    How long of a mash is actually necessary?

    There are some amazingly good articles that go into all of this in excruciating detail, even by my standards. And in case you've forgotten, maltose isn't...
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    pH Stabilizer

    If you're not on well water, your water supply (city, co-op, etc.) should be able to provide you with a full water analysis. Ours looks like this - and it's produced every month. An explanation of what the important numbers means is here -...
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    Stuck Mash / HSA

    You run it off into a boil kettle anyway and then when you're done, you oxygenate it for the yeast. I really don't see a problem with this either. 2 cents, M.
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    Huge Problem

    If you're looking for a way to determine the IBU's of your home grown hops, you should read this - It explains in detail how to use a sugar water titration to determine it. HTH, M.
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    Anyone above the 40th parallel... You are all killing your hop plants!

    Global warming phooey! NASA just announced that global temps are DOWN!!! That's based on satellite data world wide. Don't see that being hyped by the media, do ya? 2 cents, M.
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    Hops growing in limited space (perfect stake!)

    JBWeld will glue down almost anything. HTH, M.
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    Did Heat Kill My Babies?

    If you didn't compost the cow manure first, it's probably much too rich in nitrogen and that's what's causing the leaf burn that you're seeing. All you can do now is wait for it to decompose on it's own and make sure you water thoroughly every time you water. That will help to dilute it and...
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    Curinrearview - If you're two feet off the water table, you might be seeing the results of root rot. I'd try very gradually building up a mound around them and seeing if that doesn't help your problem. No more than 1/2" a year of good compost would be my recommendation. I'd also make it a...
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    crapy dirt in Georgia

    IMHO, I'd start dumping compost there as often as possible. I'm in N. Texas and I swear a potter could throw the soil in our yard. So I've got some experience in dealing with heavy clay. Sulphur may also help break up the clay but go gently with it as it can change soil pH. Coarse sand can...
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    database addition proposal

    If you guys will look at the website, they rate food recipes with "forks". Something like that for beer recipes would be totally awesome. 2 cents, M.
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    WOW - 1st Starter From a Noc Loop!

    Keep in mind that pyrex and kimax glassware come in "grades". There's a whole spectrum of quality. The most common is "student grade" which is ok but definitely easier to break than the better grades of glassware. HTH, M.