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    Who is brewing on Long Island?

    Starters are something amazing - why haven’t I done this sooner? Pitched the starter at 3:30pm, had activity by 5pm. At 26% attenuation this morning already (per the tilt).
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    Who is brewing on Long Island?

    Anyhow back to brewing! Taking a break from building the basement because my body is rebelling (and waiting for spackle guy 😁 - finally convinced my wife it’s the best choice) and I’m brewing Sunday. Built my first starter of A38 Juice, brewing a Hazy IPA tomorrow. Last Night This morning
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    Who is brewing on Long Island?

    Drink it. After a career like yours it’s bitter sweet. Use your time, watch your six. Get home. Crack that bottle, have a cigar and enjoy retirement my friend. 🍻👍
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    Who is brewing on Long Island?

    Also I’m in the process of finishing my basement. Added plumbing for a sink, and a pot filler. Also added a ton of outlets in the brew space and ran 240v for my Anvil but oversized the wire for 30 amps so I can upgrade eventually.
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    Who is brewing on Long Island?

    I stopped by PCB last week for a quite bite and some beers with my wife. The owner, Jeff saw my Instagram post and found me to come say hello and introduce himself. Love the spot. Love the layout. Food was REALLY good, caught me off guard actually. I had the Hazy, and Dream Girl My wife had...
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    Anyone else dealing with smell/taste loss from COVID?

    I had what I thought was a cold over Christmas. But then came the loss of taste and smell - it started to come back after two weeks and then gradually returned. I’d say I’m at like 90%? Brewing and beer is far more enjoyable, but I’m not sure how much of this is mental. I lost my mind when I...
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    40% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $32.99 can get one(Share the code directly)

    I am beyond aggravated. USPS lost my item, the code I was sent no longer works. This one no longer works. Inkbird totally not on you - just venting. lol
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    50% OFF - Amazing combo offer for Inkbird ITC-308 temperature controller & INK-HM 20W heat mat

    I got mine in two days! Thanks again! Now I need to brew a lager lol
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    My "K3" 14.8cf Keezer Build

    Congrats on retirement and I figured it was something along the lines of computer or military :)
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    Longtime Lurker - My Keezer Build

    Got another round of filler on it, have to sand and see where we are at. I’ve worked close to 20 hours of overtime with all this snow, so my only free time went to my first all grain brew in my Anvil Foundry!
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    My "K3" 14.8cf Keezer Build

    So, I may have missed this because I’m not on the board very long - but what do you do or did you do for a living? This is just, I have no words besides beautiful. It takes a lot to impress me, but here I am! Amazing job!
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    50% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $27.49 can get one

    Oh man I need to check this side of the forum more often. This would’ve been perfect for me. ::kicks dirt::
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    50%off discount — Only $10.74 can get one Inkbird waterproof instant read thermometer!

    I’ll take a code for one of these too please (I already have one, but now I don’t have to run to brew shop when BBQ’ing)
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    Longtime Lurker - My Keezer Build

    Just a small update! Waiting on two more tap setups to increase up to six now that I confirmed they fit! Also finally built my drip tray thanks to one of the guys I follow on Instagram! I have since used putty to fill all the holes, need to be sanded and painted yet. Went with Neodim magnets...