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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    I'll give it to you - St. Germain l'Auxerrois, adjacent to the Louvre. Was on travel for work in Germany, and with the weekend off, took the HST into Paris, so had about 36 hours in the city. Absolutely loved it. Sat. vigil Mass at that church. You're up, Govner1!
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Nope. Not quite that big. But right country!
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Ok, I'll do this one in phases, make it easier if not guessed quickly: Phase 1e
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Monticello in VA...wife and I visited celebrating our 15th anniversary a couple years ago.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Where on the Santa Cruz is that, with that much flow and greenery? I used to live near Grant/Silverbell, then 5 mi NW of that intersection (In Sweetwater Reserve, off Goret). Frequently ran along the Santa Cruz (and in, when the water wasn't flowing - like running on a sandy beach - great workout)
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Ahhh, that's right. The bridge made me think of Galway, but now I remember that round keep being in Limerick.
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

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    Anybody make homemade crackers?

    Found this for spent grain just last week, but haven't tried it yet. Here's a good sourdough cracker recipe - I make this a lot:
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    Crap kids say

    Both from my now 13- year old, but when he was oh, 3 or so. 1) Me: "Christopher, it's my way or the highway!!!" Him: "THE HIGHWAY" Perfect context, just floored me. 2) In his "tell everyone he loves them" phase, heard as I was sitting in the other room: *Toilet Flushes* "Bye bye big...
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    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Wasn't bad. I'd rewatch season 2, or at least the last couple episodes first, just to recall who's who. Slow start, but picked up.
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    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Concur on the baby back. Although last couple times, I've actually done 2-1.5-1 - wanted a bit more stick-to-the-bone. But that was personal preference.
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    Tips for Sedona, AZ

    If you want a nice, slightly dressy dinner destination, try Cucina Rustica by dahl & diluca, just S of Sedona, going into Oak Creek. Great italian place, gorgeous establishment.
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    how about a meme generator thread...

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    Don't roast your own coffee beans!

    I haven't done this in years, but great success roasting small amounts outdoors with a heat gun and aluminum dog bowl. Good hot air flow, stir with wooden spoon. When roasted, toss back and forth between two strainers to get the chaff out. I never had the palate to be wowed by the difference...
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    Movie quote game

    "Smells like someone died..."