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    Wine cooler to kegerator?

    Does your Kenmore Elite Wine Cooler have a 'knob-type' thermostat or a digital thermostat? If it has a digital thermostat what happens when you unplug the unit an plug it back in? Does it go to the last listed temperature or some automatic set point?
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    240v or 120v for Rims Tube

    I am using an element similar to berrywise in a brewers hardware RIMS tube. It is 240v/1500w but it is LDW. I am really surprised that one of the home brew shops which sell stainless elements do not stock a 240v/1500w version. I only have...
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    Someone with RIMS expertise please help - last attempt before a change :(

    What is the diameter of your RIMS tube? Could the element be resting on the side of the RIMS tube?
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    1500w 240v stainless steel element (including base)

    There are definitely trade offs to both systems, RIMS vs HERMS. Unfortunately I do not have the space to build a three vessel HERMS for brewing. This is what led me to work on a two vessel RIMS system. Using a flow switch as a failsafe on the RIMS tube seems like an option that needs to be...
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    1500w 240v stainless steel element (including base)

    WOW P-J. Thanks for encouraging me to not participate in this forum. I brought up a valid concern. Your response makes it sounds like me or somebody else on this thread personally attacked you. That did not happen. You're being overly sensitive. A forum is about questions and discussion...
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    Copper heating elements

    jleiii - How have the stainless elements with the brass base been working? Did you decide to "pickle" the brass base to account for any lead from the element produced in China? Did you do anything to counteract rust at the base and did it rust?
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    looking for low density screw-on 240V, 1500W electric water heater element

    I know this post is years old but I was wondering how the Rheem water heater element held up over time. Did the base end up rusting?
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    1500w 240v stainless steel element (including base)

    The linked element is a medium watt density. That makes me a little concerned about scorching in a RIMS tube.
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    1500w 240v stainless steel element (including base)

    Thanks for the quick responses. :mug: Jeffmeh- I'm building a control box with two PIDs, one for the RIMS and one for the BK so want to run both elements through the 30 amp circuit. PJ - I was under the impression that the base of the Rheem elements are not stainless steel so extra...
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    1500w 240v stainless steel element (including base)

    Is anybody stocking a 1500w 240v stainless steel element which includes a stainless steel base at a decent price? I see that is now stocking a 120v version but I need 240v. I have seen a couple but they are several hundred dollars. Having a 240v version will allow me to run...
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    Stout Brew Kettles

    A leaking kettle and the warranty/repair policy was my biggest concern when I made my order from Stout Tanks. I looked for a local welder for quite a few months to customize a kettle but I could not find one that had any idea about back purging. Not finding a local welder was a big reason to...
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    Compact Toolbox Controller

    Awesome build. I am using your design for inspiration. What kind of plug did you use for the pump? It looks a lot smaller than other options that I have seen.
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    DC Group Buy #5

    I can be at tysons at 9am on Saturday. Any recommendations about what to bring to weight/transport the DME?
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    DC Group Buy #5

    Thanks for finalizing everything. I really appreciate it. Just let my know when I should pay for my share.