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    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    I brewed an experimental batch on 07/15; pitched 60% S-04 at 68°F. 48hrs post-pitch, added 1st dry hop and 20% WB06 and 20% T58 and cranked temp to 75°F. Signs of fermentation completely quickly. Twice I've attempted to pull samples to measure and there is just too much muck still in...
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    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    Anyone thinking they condition with T58? If it finishes fermentation in 2-3 days, you don't have to wait that extra week to carbonate. A finishing yeast would also eliminate any O2 in the vessel. And using T58 as the finishing yeast under pressure, you're only going to pick up mild esters.
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    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    Won't that S-04 begin throwing fusels at 25°C? I'm thinking I might pitch S-04 first, 2-days in raise temps to the 25°-ish level, pitch S-33/T-58 along with first dry hop. Maybe cap the FV then and finish fermentation under pressure?
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    Noonan's Seven Barrel Brewery Handbook

    HA! $90-$417 price range? I imagine OP is looking for something more reasonable.
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    National Homebrew Competition

    You called it! Indy results are posted.
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    National Homebrew Competition

    Wow. Really getting antsy waiting on Indy. I entered TN last year where they had major snafus and took 2wks to finish the judging. I really thought 1wk TOPS this year. How long does it take to verify results?
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    National Homebrew Competition

    A week later and Indy still hasn't posted results.
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    National Homebrew Competition

    Status has chgd to "Verifying Results". And yes, save for TN last year, all were posted within a week.
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    National Homebrew Competition

    Indianapolis should have completed judging this past weekend. Anyone heard how it went? NY, StL and Tampa up next.
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    Brew-Boss Giveaway! 20 Gallon Kettle

    "Thank You! You have been added to our database of e-mail subscribers." In
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    looking for yeast strains.

    I don't have any of these, but also looking for 3726 if you come across it. Rumor has it, it may be a private collection release this Summer.
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    ISO wyeast 3726

    ISO Anyone have some banked away? thx
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    Easy Way to Make Sour Beers (1 gal wort + dregs)

    I did this recently with a bottle of Cantillion Gueuze and the 1gal beer now is straight vinegar. I think next time just a couple days in the bottle before pitching into the 1gal.
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    Bootleg Biology Funk Weapon #2 - Old Package

    You can build it up. Contact Jeff at Bootleg and ask for his advice. He's super nice and always eager to help. Cheers!
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    World Wide Stout

    It's a novelty beer, of sorts. It's nearly 50% stronger than BCBS and has no bourbon bump. Definitely worth trying. I bought a 4pk a couple years back. Drank one fresh and one at 2yrs. Still sitting on the last 2.