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  1. masskrug

    Does the yeast do any "clean up" after FG is reached?

    Not so sure if the yeast are finishing the job or things are just settling to the bottom. The yeast is done in a week or so, but everything needs time to settle and compact at the bottom of the fermentor.
  2. masskrug

    Different flavors in the same bottle

    First pour probably had little yeast. As you get to the bottom, you are going to incur more yeast flavor, possibly masking your other flavors.
  3. masskrug

    how many in the pipeline?

    18 Liters of a low ABV (3.0) alcohol ale 18 Liters of a SMaSH Chinook ale 18 Liters of a Mexican lager 18 Liters of an Amarillo lager 6 Liters in the fridge for tonight :D
  4. masskrug

    Is DME-only brewing a good idea?

    Add 5 lbs. DME and 1 oz. Chinook to 3 gallons of water. Boil 30 minutes. Chill and add to 3 gallons of cold water in the fermenter. Stir. Pitch Safale 05 Makes a nice refreshing 4.0% ale.
  5. masskrug

    MASH Inside, boil outside?

    Pffft. Just run some PVC from the kitchen to the porch. Honey won't mind.
  6. masskrug

    IBU Question

    I can throw 1 oz. of Chinook into the boil for 18 minutes and achieve 25 IBUs OR I can scatter it through a 60 minute boil (.333 at 60, .333 at 20, .333 at 7) and achieve the same 25 IBUs. Will there be a noticeable taste difference between these two recipes? Or can I shave 40 minutes off my...
  7. masskrug

    Late addition for extract?

    Cool. I am currently trying a low ABV (3%) extract beer. My boil time is already 20 minutes, so this is not saving me too much time. I'm wondering if the hop presence is any different with these temps.
  8. masskrug

    Late addition for extract?

    Interesting. How long is the hop steep? Do you have to maintain a certain temp?
  9. masskrug

    beer bottling

    Not sure what you used in the first place, but you will need screw on caps like these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006RIQORC/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  10. masskrug

    HomeBrew Supply Stores FLORIDA

    Southern Brewing? Bummer they don't ship anymore.
  11. masskrug

    Coopers lager

    I did a Munton's Light American lager a month ago. I was surprised and pleased at how refreshing it was.
  12. masskrug

    First really good beer

    Congrats. Now the hard part...trying to replicate it. Brew on.
  13. masskrug

    Home brew at 0.53% ABV?

    Did you just use the can of hopped LME? You are supposed to use some other fermentables.
  14. masskrug

    Where is the cheapest place to buy DME?

    +1 for labelpeelers ($9.59): https://labelpeelers.com/muntons-extra-light-dried-malt-extract-3-lbs/ I also found Southern Homebrew ($9.07): http://www.southernhomebrew.com/muunexlispdr1.html Both under $10, plus shipping.
  15. masskrug

    From extract to all grain and back?

    Small kids and family outings take up my weekends now. I can make a canned no-boil kit in 20 minutes. Makes a fine 4.5% beer. The cost is 30% more, but worth the time I save. 1. Make a hop tea: Steep hops in boiling water for 10 minutes (optional). 2. While hops are steeping, dump a can of...