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    Gorilla Glue for Keezer build?

    I was going to use DAP clear/white silicone. No clamps or screws. A good bead on both the freezer and the collar. Let them sit for 24-36 hours and attach the lid to the collar.
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    Oatmeal Stout Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    Yooper, Thanks for the input. My LHBS had S04 and Windsor. He said Windsor was closer to the original yeast. I have plenty of S04. I can pitch a packet if that would help. Next time I will order online. Bill
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    Oatmeal Stout Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    The LHBS didn't have the 1335 yeast. Only thing close was Windsor dry yeast. I hope it is a decent sub or I will have to make this again from an online supplier. Bill
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    Brewing (2) recipes today

    So, I tried the carba cap. I can't wait for the keg to be ready. This is a good beer. Amazing mouthfeel and taste. Bill
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    Can you help make this Pale Ale better?

    OP, What about mash hopping or first wort hopping to soften bitterness? I have yet to try either. But both seem very promising. I will be mash hopping 6 batches today and tomorrow. Bill
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    Mosaic IPA Recipe

    Interesting recipe. Thanks, Bill
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    Mosaic IPA Recipe

    Let me know how this turns out. Bill
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    Mosaic IPA Recipe

    Just curious if anyone has a recipe to share. Midwest has a Fuggles IPA kit. Sounds interesting. Have been wanting to try Mosaic for a while now. If not, I can order the Fuggles IPA kit. I brew AG. Thanks, Bill
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    Brewing (2) recipes today

    I have a carba cap. Thinking about using it for a couple liters of this beer. I have not used it yet. Any reason not to try it?
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I'm planning to brew 2, 5 gallon batches Friday Saturday and Sunday. Yoopers oatmeal stout, Biermunchers CB, Ed Worts Haus Pale Ale, Charlie's Good Life Pale Ale as written and one modified. Still looking for the last recipe.
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    Brewing (2) recipes today

    Thanks, Texas. It was a great read and very helpful. Bill
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    Brewing (2) recipes today

    What is the correct way to use gelatin? Dry hopped on Sunday. Would like to cold crash Friday and Saturday. And hopefully drink Sunday or Monday. OG 1.068 FG 1.014 Bill
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    Something tells me i am not responsible enough to have a kegerator...

    I have 3 kegs and 10 fermenters and only 1 full size beer fridge. Oh what a dilemma.
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    Best Bitter Yellow Submarine

    Love the color. :mug: Bill
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    We are pleased to Announce

    Congratulations!!! :tank: :rockin: