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    Any EU/UK Brew/Temp Controller Out There?

    You could try EINBREW controllers, just google it. do you have a mains circuit that can deliver 15A?
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    Bad experience with a Fermentemp

    As you have opened and tampered with internal parts you would have invalidated any warranty and guarantee, even if it were within the 12 month guarantee period.
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    Bad experience with a Fermentemp

    How can we make it right for you, we have no interest in conflict?
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    Bad experience with a Fermentemp

    Hello Birrofilo, sorry you had a bad experience, I represent the manufacturer of the Fermentemp; if you send your address via a PM I can send you a new element. The parts used are not cheap, the part in question is good quality Welwyn 50 Watt resistors, designed to radiate 50/48W of heat, via...