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    Porter - what goes in it? Yesterday & Today

    What do you guys make of this recipe? Taken from "The Early Breweries of New Jersey" for the New Jersey Agricultural Society by Harry and Grace Weiss 1963 The 1796 Philadelphia Porter Recipe One quarter of malt (8 bu.) 8 lbs. hops 9 lbs. treacle (9 pints of molasses) 8 lbs...
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    Schwarz Weizen?

    Well, I just brewed a batch of Dunkelweiss yesterday....and while I was pre-dissolving the malt extract in my wife's LeCreuset it, uh, I mean carmelized a little. The wort was very, very dark and rich when finished. So perhaps I'll have something more along the lines of...
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    Dunkelweizen - adding amber DME - new brewer question

    Okay guys, I'll take your advice. My first batch was an Amber Ale from the same place - 8 lb. Alexander’s Pale Malt Extract ¾ lb. Briess Crystal Malt ½ lb. Munton & Fison Carapils ¼ lb. Briess Toasted Malt 1 oz. Amarillo Hop Pellets (Bittering) ½ oz. Amarillo Hop Pellets...
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    Dunkelweizen - adding amber DME - new brewer question

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and blown away by all the great information found here. Great site! Hopefully somebody can give this noob a little guidance on a question. I'm just about to brew my second ever batch and I'm using a Dunkelweizen kit from Keystone Homebrew. (I used their Amber Ale...