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  1. LKHA

    A couple questions about heating a fermentation chamber

    small heater with fan works great
  2. LKHA

    If you could start over and had $1000 what equipment would you get

    buy once dont waste dollars on something not going to use ie bottle/capers if going to keg down the road. if going to do all grain then buy for that.
  3. LKHA

    False Bottom Too False..

    if it sits flat on bottom the edge would not be problem
  4. LKHA

    Sunday brew

    Ended up with a Cream of Kings
  5. LKHA

    Sunday brew

    that is a lot of trub
  6. LKHA

    Sunday brew

    Ten gallons of an easy drinker today need min of 30 for the summer
  7. LKHA

    No chill

    tried this twice this winter out of pure laziness. Both times was hard to start fermentation with dry yeast but both turned out great. I am in Iowa so worked in winter would not try in summer. both beers are good drinkers.
  8. LKHA

    single tier build

    not following the need for the wood.
  9. plug


    30 Amp, 250 Volt 3-Phase, NEMA L15-30P, 3P, 4W, Flanged Inlet Locking Receptacle
  10. LKHA

    Control power

    I know this is not kosher or code but doing it in the panel box not the control panel
  11. LKHA

    Johnson A419 Differential

    Off at set allows 1 on at 2 so it is correct allowing 1deg off set
  12. LKHA

    Auber - where are you?

    I called and talked to them twice Friday on a RTD issue very nice and help full
  13. LKHA

    Control power

    On my current control box I pull my 110 power off one of the main legs and it works great. thinking out loud on future project could I use a L14 style connector and use one of the prongs to carry a separate 110
  14. LKHA

    PID selection

    After comparing I will purchase the 62 for new build and use the 52 for gas side of the system.
  15. LKHA

    Chugger March Madness Promo

    sale over per chugger sucks to be me