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    100% Brett Beer II

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    Duff Beer

    But you would have accomplished a great feat!;)
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    Finally Brewing a Biere de Garde

    I'll add: "Flavor: Medium to high malt flavor often with a toasty, toffee-like or caramel sweetness. Malt flavors and complexity tend to increase as beer color darkens. Low to moderate esters and alcohol flavors. Medium-low hop bitterness provides some support, but the balance is always...
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    Ommegang's Ommegeddon

    How's this? ;) Too much?:D Seriously though, thank you for the review, nice to know these are ready to drink. About time! :mug:
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    Hey Ladyz, Listen If U Really Wanna Get 2 Know Me Just Send Me A Note

    Too funny, glad I didn't miss the pics - I was worried at the begginging of this thread when the pictures weren't showing up. :mug:
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    How to use fresh, whole fruit

    Sorry, that was to the OP, title says fresh fruit and then in the message body the berries are frozen. Just joking around.
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    How to use fresh, whole fruit

    Nobody caught this? Is it fresh or is it frozen? ;)
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    Face to Face with The Dark Lord

    Let the bidding begin!! I love the free-market! :rockin:
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    whats the craziest thing you've ever looked at and said "yeah, I could ferment that"?

    Here you go:
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    whats the craziest thing you've ever looked at and said "yeah, I could ferment that"?

    I've read that the best calvados( apple brandy ) was formerly, or may still be( I should do a search, sorry) made from semi-rotten apples that have fallen to the ground. I guess in the same way noble rot(or botrytis) breaks the skin of the grape and allows water to evaporate and thus concentrate...
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    Saison braggot (mead)?

    Saison yeast + not a lot of flavors to get in the way = Saison I think? In other words I would think it would taste like a saison. My only concern from my little experience is that you may want to add some yeast nutrient because of the low'ish malt percentage, like you would in a mead. Not sure...
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    Cat owners. Let's talk litter boxes.

    We've got one and it is very nice, but loud. If you get one, expect your cats to be scared of it for a few days. ;) You just dump out the tray, from my experience it works well and is easier/more convienient. edit> That cat Genie is awesome, I might be tempted to try it out. ;) My best...
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    Like what? I don't understand this quote. BTW Evan!, *****enozzle? Is that an Evan! original? In anycase thank you for constantly expanding my vocabulary. :mug:
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    Martinelli Bottles?

    They can work, but I've got a BIG scar that says sometimes the don't. ;) Now I have a bench capper and feel much safer. I love Martinelli's, and the nice big bottle is a nice bonus. I use them all the time.
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    Fixed my fermentation chamber by striking the relay/capacitor with a handle of

    My grandmother bought me this old timey radio turntable thing(love her to death, but never use the thing and store it under my bed) and it did not work. You turned the volume all the way up and it was only barely audible. After looking at it by myself and with my father, he gave it a 'thunk'...