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    Milk chocolate stout...

    Wow been a while since I have posted, it has been a wonderful first year of brewing. Have made some crotch grabbingly delicious beers...beyond what I thought I was going to be able to make, it depresses me going out to drink cause I pay 3-5 bucks for a pint of inferior beer -sigh- but alas I...
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    First Hefe tomorrow, some, Q's

    I did my first AG wheat last weekend. I've reached target gravity and I am about to move to secondary for another week. It came out great I am having my first taste of it right now, I couldn't have asked for a better beer, and I am really stoked because the recipe I made up on the fly at the...
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    Hefe Going crazy

    I brewed my first ag hefe saturday and jesus christ it went off man I woke up early monday morning (about 1:30) because I was hearing some weird noises comming from the living room. My airlock was completely full of foam with a constant buzz from foam comming out of the top. I was using a 1/2...
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    First solo AG batch

    Well my plan is to go for the 1-1 ratio (1 pound grain to 1 quart water)
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    First solo AG batch

    Hey all, so I am about to do my first AG batch. I brewed a 10gal batch on national homebrew day with the help of my neighbor, he pretty much just hung out and made sure I didn't screw up, I couldn't have asked for a better beer, it came out great. So today I am going to do a 10 gal batch and...
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    Help with Banana Rasberry Wheat

    I just tasted my slightly uncarbonated hefe a few minutes ago. Since 2 days after I pictched I was worried about the banana flavor because the banana smell was/is almost overwhelming. I pitched Wyeast Whinestephen wheat and I fermented at a HIGH 76-78 so the banana flavor is definately there but...
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    Reusing Yeast Flop

    I took an AG class at my lhbs 2 weeks back and I think I remember hearing somthing about activating the flop with some malt extract or any pure sugar...I was quite buzzed during the class so the extra stuff I learned is a little fuzzy.
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    Aluminum kegs

    Yep that is what I did too. I went through 3 cutting discs for 2 of the kegs but they cleaned up really nice. I started on the copper work too so I am hoping I will get them finished by saturday. I still need to get the gaskets, nuts, bolts, reducers blah blah blah but I am hoping that I will be...
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    Plate Chiller

    I'm new to this game so how much give or take is this plate chiller you are talking about?
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    Aluminum kegs

    I have access to a plasma cutter, I plan on taking the tops off tommorrow or friday. I was hoping to get my kegs converted by saturday but it doesn't look like I will be able to complete them. I was just down at home depot and I bought my copper tubing for all the internal plumbing in the mash...
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    Aluminum kegs

    Awesome :ban: thanks guys. I was down at my HBS saturday talking to someone about converting kegs to pots and I asked about converting it myself and he said that stainless steel is way to hard to drill and I would need a plasma cutter. Well me being me I have to try it to make sure and well it...
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    Aluminum kegs

    It is a standard sankey keg from anheuser busch.
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    Aluminum kegs

    Well it went through really easy hardly any stress on the bit and I took a magnet to the keg and it wasn't magnetic. I'm pretty sure stainless steel is magnetic but I know aluminum isn't magnetic.
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    Aluminum kegs

    Ok so I got really really lucky. I am planning on making my AG set-up and I was asking around work and I found 3 guys who had empty kegs so score....I think. I have a set of carbide high speed bits so I was trying to see if I could drill a hole for the plumbing to come out and low an behold the...
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    All grain class

    I took an AG class yesterday at my HBS, it was an absolute blast. Firstly it simplified AG, I was way overthinking it and thought it was much more complex. I have read several articles on it, but reading doesn't compare to seeing/doing. The instructor was totally cool, way laid back and he...