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    Big Thanks

    I just wanted to send out a big thanks to the site for all their help. I've recently got back into homebrew (extract only) and have made two great batches thanks to this site. I also just upgraded to regular membership and will get some photos on here when i figure it out, heck I'm a banker...
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    gelatin finings?

    I used BM's method and it worked amazingly well. I went from 3 weeks in primary, added the gelatine as BM describes and then crash cooled at 38 for 10 days, then racked to corny and force carbed as BM also describes, 3 days 30 PSI and 1/2 day at 12PSI. Worked like a charm, best, clearest beer...
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    Love The (Edwort's) Apfelwein

    I just mixed up my first batch of this and just hope I can wait 2 months to drink it. I am going to start another one next week too Publix (my local grocery store) had buy one get one free apple juice so I picked up 10 gal of juice for only $28. I'll spend less than $30 to make 10 gal of...
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    Crash cooling

    I'm just getting back into homebrewing after a 5 year layoff so take this for what it is worth. I made a pale ale and fermented for 3 weeks (6.5 gal better bottle) . After doing research on this site, which is full of great information, I moved the better bottle directly into the kegerator...
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    How does my belgian wit look?

    Looks Great! I just brewed the Midwest version, its in th keg and will be ready this Friday. Its been a long wait, hopefully well worth it. (3 weeks in primary, 10 days in the keg to carb, and one week @ 38). Samples all tasted pretty good, probably needed a bit more spice too though. I'm...
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    LHBS bad attitude!

    I live in Orlando and have bought the majority of my equipment at Hearts. As previously stated, I like the location, selection, and price, but I agree the customer service is lacking to say the least. It really is an online retailer, you have to order your stuff online and go pick it up and...
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    Recipe Formulation

    I'm trying to fashion my first recipe and wanted to bounce this of the group. 6 lbs Light Dry ME .50lbs American Roasted Barley .25lbs American Chocolate .25lbs Crystal 40L .25lbs CaraPils .25lbs American Munich Dark .75oz Perle 8.0% hops 60 min 1/2 tsp irish moss .50% Perle 8.0% Dry...
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    Organic HomeBrews

    Thanks for the good info, I'll keep looking buy probably go with I'll let everyone know if I find out anything and how the organic brew tastes.
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    Organic HomeBrews

    I'm looking for some organic homebrew sites and the only one i am finding is or (1 kit only) From my search, this appears to be one of the few places to get organic ingredients/kits. Anyone have experience with organic homebrews? I have some real...
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    Belgian Witbier

    Great.. I'm also brewing this batch for the wife so that is good news. I'm hoping the late extract will lighten the color we'll see I haven't peeked during primary yet, this weekend I'll take a look and early next week transfer to 2nd I have a SNPA extract on that I am about to make for me...
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    Belgian Witbier

    Just brewed my first Belgian Witbier this afternoon using Mid West Belgian Witbier kit. Has anyone brewed this beer? I pretty much followed the directions, although after reading several posts I only used 1/2 the LME at the beginning of the brew and added the second half after 45 min boil...
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    Red Hook ESB clone recipe

    How did this turn out? I'm getting back into HBT after a 5 year layoff and am looking for a good SNPA clone extract