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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    2892.3+6 gallons CoTC Cream Ale= 2898.3
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    First SMaSH

    Just packaged the beer Wednesday night. FG was 1.006, resulting at 6.5%ABV. Guess I could have mashed a bit warmer, but for finishing dry for the style, it is really good.
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    What I did for beer today

    Spun up a starter for my cream ale that will be brewed sometime this long weekend.
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    Going to start my first Mead

    Okay. Yes, I would boil some water and let it cool to room temp and add enough to dilute down to the gravity you want. Assuming you have roughly three gallons of mead with a current SG of 1.030. Lets say you want to decrease your gravity to 1.015, you would need three gallons to attain that...
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    Going to start my first Mead

    That picture looks like 1.030. Assuming your OG was accurate, the yeast have gone as far as they can. Have you tasted it? Does it taste good to you? What have your fermentation temperatures been? You could add some acid blend to it to create more balance and help if it is still a bit sweet...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    2768.6+5.5 gallon Sabro SMaSH = 2,774.1 gallons
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    Big Beer: Add Sugar to Fermenter? Better Yeast Choice?

    I use Wyeast 1388, which is supposed to be WLP570. I use it in all of my Belgian beers. I have always had it finish between 1.007-1.010 even on my BGSA I did last winter. Its a diastaticus strain, so it will ferment lower than most Belgian strains. Some people add the sugar at the end of the...
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    Belgian Yeast Fermentation Temps and Schedule

    It can vary. I use 1388 a lot and it usually blows off and usually runs to 75 and then I step it up to 80 over a couple days with my Inkbird.
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    Belgian Yeast Fermentation Temps and Schedule

    I always pitch towards the bottom end of the fermentation range and let it free rise on it's own. I do apply a bit of heat to get it to finish at the top of the range, once I see it start to level out. I really enjoy the Belgian character and this helps keep it from creating off flavors. The...
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    The unoficially official new beer style "Lawnmower beers" thread!

    Once I get my fermenter clear of my current SMaSH, I'll be doing Cream of Three Crops to kick of the first official summer beer. That Centennial Blonde sounds fantastic though. Most of my light, lager-like beers have been done with Kölsch yeast. Might consider giving Lutra a try...
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    I've always used plain table salt, which is usually kosher or sea salt.
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    Forgot to Add Lactose to Stout - What to do?

    Toss it into a pot with a quart of water and flash boil it, let it cool to fermentation temp and pitch it in. Thats what I would do
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    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway!!

    Super nice!! Would love one of these
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    Stuck fermentation prevention

    Don't dump until you know it's bad. The Tilt is notorious for getting lofted by krausen. I just had a recent scare with my Sabro SMaSH, use a hydrometer and confirm. Give the sample jar a sniff and taste test once you confirm gravity. Lets start off with your process...What was you malt...
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    Brewing software

    Tried out BeerSmith, but didn't like the way it handled. Moved to Brewer's Friend and haven't looked back, easy to use, since it's online I can pull it up anywhere and it allows Tilt tracking and can really help you dial in your brewhouse.