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    Best whirlpool arm for anvil foundry?

    get a better pump. i use a spider for anything more than 3 oz of hops despite having a nice pump. IMO get the tallest, widest, most open spider that fits your budget.
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    Best whirlpool arm for anvil foundry?

    it depends on what you are trying to do. The stock pump is just fine for using a a differerent arm. I actually bought a grainfater arm as it already had the cam fitting, foam for heat protection and was super reasonably priced. I also have the overboard from Bobby at that i use...
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    Ispindel taking on liquid

    Anyone have a good way to better seal the ispindel but be able to open it regularly to charge and shut off? Thanks, Nate
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    Ispindel not working

    reach out to the board member and let him know what you are seeing. He will likely help you. Some of it depends on your WIFI, how far from router, etc.
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    Wisconsin Kettle Sightglasses and volume decals

    2 sight glasses. Marking decals. Use the sight glasses for kettles etc and easily know your volumes. All volume decal stickers also available. Use to mark carboys glass jugs, etc. $35 shipped for everything. Or $30 local pickup. Located in Plover WI.
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    For Sale Ispindel

    Anyone having difficulty connecting these to WIFI or Brewfather? Tried 900s, tried 1800s. I can get maybe one data point when I go through the setup, but that's it.
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    I'm dying ...

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    North Carolina Exchilerator Brutus Pro CFC for sale/trade for jaded/cuss immersion chiller

    Has this been used? was it cleaned well? I have a cuss all in one i would consider trading you. Not sure it makes sense to ship it though.
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    Wisconsin A419 Johnson Controller (2 available)

    I have 2 Johnson A419 Programable temp controllers. $40 each shipped or 60 for both. Shipping from Central Wisconsin.
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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Great Prize. I'm in!