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    Maximizing Efficiency when Batch Sparging

    Great thread, and great information. I skipped around 10 pages, so forgive me if I missed the biggest increase. Make your plan, get you output, then run a third batch, not exceeding lower that 10 percent sugar content. and process it in a second pot. Otherwise your pulling some nasty tastes...
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    Boss, Boss, - The Foam, the foam.

    Just to follow up on some of the these old mixes. Brought a few bottles of this to a BBQ, and tasting another tonight. The flavor is strong, almost heavy. It taste really great, but I don't think it was the "light refreshing" mead I was shooting for to introduce newbies to mead. In general I...
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    What mistakes have you made?

    After almost 20 some years of homebrewing I'm pretty sure I have made ALL of them. Nasty ones where a stuck up blow off tube that blew, still have stains on the ceiling from that one. Then there was the time I tested all the seals on my keg, forgot to unplug the beer out open line when I...
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    Longer you bulk age, the clearer it will be in the bottle and less sedimate will build up. Maybe it's just picky, but gunk in the bottom is not what I want in a great bottle of mead. For that reason I tend to rack every couple of months until the bottom of the carboy stays clear.
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    Somebody slap me.

    After attempting to forget about these bottles I finally opened a small bottle today and got inspired to update this thread. On 2011-03-27 I gave a bottle to someone I worked with who brewed, his comments was. - Very nice, complex and very pleasant. Today, I have to say a nice complex flavor...
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    1st braggot!!!

    The only cure for lack of patience is more carboys and a full pipeline.
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    Can I use this cooler for mashing?

    Coleman - 5 Gallon is pretty small for all grain it can be done but it gets really tight for higher gravity mashes, most people use 10 gallons.
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    First PM - OG way low. I thought I did everything perfectly?

    You could check for starch conversion using a white plate and iodine, I would shoot for 160F to mashin, stir very well to ensure everything is wet and at even temp then let it sit for 30 minutes even if it drops below 150 just let it and give the different enzymes time to do their thing. Stir...
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    Mold on the fruit in my primary

    I'm thinking that just be clumps of yeast that have formed and dried out on top. If not, you have a nice lambic going on.
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    How cool is too cool to ferment?

    You could always wrap the fermenter in a blanket, fermentation will produce a little heat and insulating it will up the temp a few degrees, but even then low 60's is where I usually do my fermentation at using a fridge and temperature control unit unless it's a yeast that needs higher temps.
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    Ok I lied. I am going to tell you about my Cyser experiment.

    Put a lava lamp behind them and tell her your getting in touch with your inner hippy. (Not that it is a bad thing or anything like that).
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    Racked to a Secondary...Now What?

    Time will allow it to clear, once fermentation is done the temperature is no longer critical to keep from producing off flavors. Until it is fully degassed I would keep an air lock on it. If you don't mind the taste of lactose that would work fine, splenda (not a blend) would also work. As long...
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    2011 Cider notes - Victory from the jaws of Defeat

    Great story and best of luck on a great cider coming out from this. It sounded like a blast.
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    Over complicating it all.

    I don't top off, but I usually make 5 gallon batches + some honey,sugar,concentrate, etc. The secondary only has a little space that gets filled with Co2 from degassing as it clears. If longer term ageing is needed, I rack to a keg and seal with Co2. But you do not want a lot of head space to...
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    Using leftovers for a braggot

    Cinnamon and cloves, a little goes a long way, but I usually add them after primary fermentation slows, then let the sit for a week or two before racking to secondary for clearing. I think a lot is driven off in the Co2 production during active fermentation. Just my two cents.