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    Rotten egg smell + Gas heat

    thanks guys. final, obvious question - if i was fermenting the lager at about 70 degrees for a day or so (still having airlock activity today at about 50 degrees) is my lager gonna taste bad?
  2. J

    Rotten egg smell + Gas heat

    yes it is lager yeast. Think I can just let it continue fermenting in my closet. It was probably 50 f out there this morning
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    Rotten egg smell + Gas heat

    hey guys, i brewed a penguin maibock from joy of homebrewing over the weekend and its smelling like rotten eggs today. no big deal but i decided to put it in the basement and air out the house. i came back and was thinking - is this hydrogen sulfate smell actually hydrogen sulfate? should i...
  4. J

    Liquid Malt Extract

    where is the date located? under the can it says 61911, but that can't be the date, right?
  5. J

    Liquid Malt Extract

    i just opened up my container of munton's light extract and there was this light brown stuff on top; almost tan. i mixed it with the brown stuff below and its ok now, but is this a bad batch, or is it normal.
  6. J

    Why does my beer taste like virginia ham?

    better than tasting like virginia woolf, mirite?
  7. J

    Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

    got my first batch going today. talk to you again in a few months!
  8. J

    Noticed a black spec in my apfelwein

    hey guys, my apfelwein(edwort) is fermenting quite nicely, but i noticed a little black thing (probably like 3 mm around) stuck to the side of the glass carboy. it was fizzing like a banshee. is that an infection? what can/should i do
  9. J

    Pitched my yeast too cold I think...

    Hey guys, I joined the club and put together some of Edwort's Apfelwein. Unfortunately I took my yeast out only like 30 minutes before i added it to the mixture. I noticed it clumping at night so i shook it slightly to get the yeast moving around. This morning the same thing happened. It...
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    Did I screw up when lagering?

    Hey guys, I made a German Kolsch (Itsok from Joy), and did 1 week in primary, 4 weeks in secondary (from 50-60) and 2.5 weeks in the bottle (I kept the bottles at 45-55). Its hardly carbed at all unfortunately. Did I lager in secondary too long? Should i have not let them sit in the...
  11. J

    Beginning Question

    what is it that you are making?
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    Recipe Help from Joy of Homebrewing

    ok last question. first time using a sparge bag. i just threw my hops in there, tied a knot and plopped it in there. that right? then when i need to add the coriander, orange peels and other hops, take it out untie, add and plop back in, right?
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    Recipe Help from Joy of Homebrewing

    thanks so much guys. I will follow revvy's tips above as well. i went to my lhbs and they did not have light honey, but they told me to go to an asian supermarket and they should have it. I went there and they had all sorts of honey, except of course the one i needed. I chose the lightest...
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    Recipe Help from Joy of Homebrewing

    its in the middle of the book. its the page right after Itsok German Kolsch. I think tis called Whose in the garden? thanks so much!
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    Recipe Help from Joy of Homebrewing

    Hey guys, I got all the parts for my Hoegarden clone yesterday from the brew store. I based the recipe off of Joy of Homebrewing. I accidentally left my book over at my SWMBO's house (just a girlfriend, but just as fierce) and she's angry with me so i figured it a good time to brew, but...