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    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    I brew out in garage all year. Love the cold ground water temp cooling brew down fast. Only thing is below freezing watching out for creating ice. I look ahead for the warmest sunny day coming.
  2. J

    What are you drinking now?

    Will be drinking variety of home brews NYE made over past year. Brewing last 2 batches of the year today. An english ale and a honey bock for Easter. Cheers to a better year ahead.
  3. J

    What are you drinking now?

    A saison I wasn't sure the yeast, Wyeast 1367 Saison yeast of a previous brew from 3 tubes of yeast slurry mixed and frozen with glycerin 8 yrs ago, would still be healthy. Tasted finished brew last night and yeast is still fine. Used cashmere and zappa hops. Tastes nice.
  4. J

    Clean Bottles

    I'm using a bottle brush after soaking in oxyclean. Old yeast out.
  5. J

    How did your hops do this past year?

    In SE Pennsylvania, had not that great a harvest. Spotted lantern flies, though less seen than years before are still around. About 30% less yield than last year.
  6. J

    Adding a little rye malt for better foam?

    I always use a little wheat for head.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed 2 five gal batches yesterday. One was a saison using 3711 yeast I had in the freezer about 8 years in 3 test tubes with glycerin mix. The starter took off nicely. I had airlock activity in a couple hours after pitching it. Wound up using Cashmere and Zappa in it. Hope it works. Last...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Well, I was planning on brewing today in the garage, but my street seems to be getting new asphalt laid down now. Not sure how the smell of oil fumes could impact the beer. Pausing for a couple days.
  9. J

    Pennsylvania Effect of wildfire smoke on hops

    Hi, I'm on East coast, but read that the ash and smoke from the wildfires may be effecting taste of hops. Any of you guys that grow hops recently brew with them and notice it? Cheers
  10. J

    Japan Hops Trading -

    I recently saw a show on NHK tv featuring some guys who opened a brewery. They made a wet hop beer from a local hop grower. Sorry, that's all I remember.
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    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    English stouts that I've made came out with not enough residual sugar for me using 1968. I tried Lallemand Windsor Yeast and happy with the result. I do want to try Verdant though.
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    Most overrated beer

    The days of putting down a twenty and having a few a staying a while seem gone. I don't begrudge a business making a profit, but wonder why I see low alcohol beer at the same prices at high ABV. If I owned a bar or brewpub, personally I'd put at least one beer on that is affordable to the common...
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    Don't Do That.

    Well I am ashamed to admit this. A couple weeks ago brewing this happened. It has been said to replace your plastic fermentation buckets if you have scratches to prevent infections. I've been using mine for over 15 years and the only infections I got were from some dumb thing I did not...
  14. J

    Another batch lost to infection

    If you ferment in a bottling bucket, make sure to take off the spicket and clean it out completely. I got an infection couple times when starting out and overlooking this.
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    Favorite/Worst Cheap Beer?

    Don't know. I thought it might be the hops used.