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  1. JoeMama

    Re-reintroduction (of sorts)

    Yeah, I think my old av was a pic of me, and a couple of OG fighters. While many things have changed, my love of combat sports hasn't :) Nor has my love of beer.
  2. JoeMama

    Calling all IPA lovers...what are your favorite 3?

    Man, its been a while since Ive dhelved into my favorite of faves. But currently Stone beers are topping that list thus far. The Stone Tangerine Express has been finding its way into my fridge quite consistently. I just polished off the Stone MixPack (Delicious IPA, Ruination, IPA and Hop...
  3. JoeMama

    Re-reintroduction (of sorts)

    Wow... Its been a number of years since I posted here, and SO MUCH has changed. I sold off my brew lot that I had learned and acquired, been through SEVERAL other hobbies, and even quit drinking alcohol for a number of years. Yet in the past year or so, I have (re-learned) my innate love of...
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    Alcohol - What is this song?!

    I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY ANSWER!!! Its a band called Howlin' Maggie - Holy cow, a YEAR + later (and Ive been racking my brain for years on this one) when all of a sudden I get a PM in my inbox from some guy who created an account here just to let me know this. (He wont be back here cause he is...
  5. JoeMama

    Thanks Revvy

    This thread is still truly full of win.
  6. JoeMama

    Never had a blow off, am I doing something wrong?

    Whatever... There, you have been officially blown off now. Dont say I never gave you anything.
  7. JoeMama

    Dry-hop disaster?

    Your beer may just be degassing or the yeasties may have been reawakened by a change in temp causing them to go nuts. I had something similar to this happen with a pumpkin ale I did. I cold crashed it after about 2-3 weeks then another beer was brewed. Temp had to come up in the ferm cabinet...
  8. JoeMama

    Never had a blow off, am I doing something wrong?

    Yeah, you are being exceptionally lucky. :) I dont like having to use blow offs personally cause its a pain to have to change the airlocks and then monitor it to make sure its still happy etc. As of late, I have been rigging the blow off as a precaution whether its necessary or not. Them...
  9. JoeMama

    Storing equipment in garage

    This has started more than one war in my house. Well, that and the fact that I didnt listen the first time ;)
  10. JoeMama

    Storing equipment in garage

    I keep all of my stuff in the garage and its a disorganized mess. The biggest issue that I have is trying to FIND everything when it comes time to brew. But even then, this is a minor inconvenience. I keep all of my liquids inside as its usually too cool to keep them in my fermentation cabinet...
  11. JoeMama

    Long time in primary...yeast washing still an option?

    Yes, dont spill your beer. I wouldnt sweat your yeast being 'bad' or anything.Im sure that someone else with more yeast experience will chime in here. Ive pitched on to yeast cakes 2-3 months old and had very fast vigorous fermentations. This weekend will be a 1.5 month yeast cake (Im lazy...)
  12. JoeMama

    Oops - hops in fermenter

    Absolutely! Believe it or not, Revvy was a n00b once upon a time too! You will still have PLENTY of things to get nervous about for this batch yet, but the best part of it will be when you crack that first one and realize that your worrying wasnt all that necessary. To (pseudo) quote the...
  13. JoeMama

    Williams Brewing Equipment

    March 19th here - I get to take the day off for #36. I think that this will just be a 'Im gonna get back into bed after getting my daughter ready for school' kind of day. I plan to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on my B-Day. Not even brew beer, cause I want to be thoroughly lazy. Speaking of...
  14. JoeMama

    Williams Brewing Equipment

    When in March is your B-Day? Welcome fellow Piss-ces. :D
  15. JoeMama

    Oops - hops in fermenter

    Hops are a natural antiseptic and should have no negative effects on your beer :) People DRY HOP all of the time (myself included) and I never filter or siphon off of the break of my beer - it ALL goes into my fermenter. In fact - my last 2 batches I forgot to add the 5min aroma hops until...