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  1. jmichalicek

    Are AIO units like Spike Solo/Unibrau worth the extra money?

    I picked up a 120v Unibrau 10G system earlier this year and my 4th or 5th brew on it is going right now. The kettle and grain basket are great. Very high quality, easy to work with, and the number of ports makes for some great customizability options. I went with the 120v version because there...
  2. jmichalicek

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    A hot pepper imperial milk stout is mashing in the garage right now. My lhbs is having some supply issues and so were out of a couple of grains I wanted to use for my own recipe so I took the Triple X recipe from Brewing Classic Styles and added a couple more pounds of pale ale malt. I have way...
  3. jmichalicek

    Advice on Belgian

    Their St. Bernardus Abt 12 recipe is pretty close to this one. Tons of pilsner, some dark candi syrup, and a bit of debittered black malt around Carafa II's color. I brewed it as a 3 gallon partial mash awhile back with pilsner malt and pilsner extract. I did he partial mash because even at 3...
  4. jmichalicek

    Unibrau 120v ETC controller wiring questions

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it does look like only the one red pin gets connected and the other it looks like is under the controller where mine was. So that means the controller unit itself is just broken. I tracked down a lot of 6 of the correct Ringer RC-210M units...
  5. jmichalicek

    Unibrau 120v ETC controller wiring questions

    @FswBG Thanks for that, I was actually looking for the other end, though. Where those wires connect to the controller. I've got one red and one silver connected and a red flapping loose which seems like it might be the cause of my issues. I'm not sure, though, since there's also not an obvious...
  6. jmichalicek

    Unibrau 120v ETC controller wiring questions

    I'm in a bit of a bind with my Unibrau 10g 120v system at the moment. Power to the pump works, power to the heating element works in boil mode, but the display does not come on and in mash mode there's no power to the element. If anyone has this system with the ETC controller, could you please...
  7. jmichalicek

    For Sale Unibrau All-in-One cheap

    I know this is unlikely since it probably makes the rest of the Unibrau system harder to sell, but what are the chances you would be willing to sell just the ez-boil there and ship it to Richmond, Va if I paid shipping? Baltimore/DC is just far enough away that I'd rather avoid the drive without...
  8. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    I never followed up on my last attempt at this, either. The final batch I used 2 Tsp fennel seed, crushed it, and added directly to the wort with about 15 minutes left in the boil. It definitely needed to get a little age on it. I am always impatient and keg after 2-3 weeks and force carb hard...
  9. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    The simpler recipe turned out really good and everyone who has tried it has been impressed (and asked for more, the true test of if they liked it or not), but the fennel did not come through as much as I want. I believe I should have crushed the fennel seed plus I used a tea/spice infuser ball...
  10. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    Brewed this second version successfully. Smells great, but the fennel seed sure was strong in my pre-fermentation sample. Hopefully it'll mellow out a bit over several weeks here or the flavors will generally meld better as fermentation goes on. As it currently stands, I could have used 1/2 as...
  11. jmichalicek

    Received a bunch of yeast and hops as a gift - help me pick some good uses

    I received an awesome gift the other day, but now I need to figure out the best usage of it and plan a few brews. I am a fan of darker yeast and malt forward beers, less so of hop forward beers in most cases. I brew a lot of porters, stouts, brown ales and particularly london brown ales...
  12. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    Well, brew day went horribly wrong due to no fault of the recipe and just a few poorly timed completely unrelated emergencies of my own. I ended up tossing the batch, but at least had not yet added hops, so I've still got the hops and yeast to try again. I've decided to go back and reformulate...
  13. jmichalicek

    New post a picture of your pint

    Here's a mediocre picture of the first pour of my latest brew - a Roggenbier based on a Dunkelweizen I brew.
  14. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    I'll check the recipe, I might have reversed the hops when typing. If I went US-05 I'd be aiming for lower 60s but I have no issues with S-23. I've used S-23 in the past for tropical stouts. That will just come down to what my local shop has available, they've been having availability issues on...
  15. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    I'll have to look into fennel pollen. My wife and I do a lot of baking and other cooking, so we can certainly find a use for it. The fennel seed idea is because that is used in the bread recipe and I know we've always got that around anyway and of course isn't too far of a stretch from the more...