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  1. jimyoung

    First Homebrew experience, suspect infection

    looks fine. It's hard to tell with the lighting, but beer can do all kinds of weird things. Whenever I've worried, my rule is to taste it. If I'm not sure if it's infected, then it's fine to drink. Either you will really, really taste the infection, or, it's minor and no worry. And yes, check...
  2. jimyoung

    Am I missing any equipment for BIAB?

    Don't underestimate the usefulness of saving time!! I have a buddy who didn't care for a chiller, so I made him one for christmas, and he's thanked me ever since. In addition to saving time (totally worth it), I've found that rapidly chilling the wort seems to drop out more stuff from...
  3. jimyoung

    Am I missing any equipment for BIAB?

    Sounds like you have it all covered. A chiller is nice but not necessary, you can do that later. I made my own bag about 6 years ago and it still works like new. It was expensive though and time consuming. I enjoyed it, but if it breaks, I may just buy a cheap one (My Brew In a Bag Bag) For...
  4. jimyoung

    Outdoor Propane Burner Advice Needed.

    I love my Blichmann burner - bought one (pre hellfire, but same thing) based on reviews here. I have a 8 gal kettle and I get 4-5 brews out of one propane tank. I refill it at costco for like $11 CAD. I used to go to the local gas station but they're like $25. a few refills at costco pays for...
  5. jimyoung

    First time brewing and I think I ****ed up

    Looks good! My guess then is the bulge in the lid isn't from pressure, it's just a warp in the lid. Now do the most important thing and stop touching it. Leave it alone until it's done! :)
  6. jimyoung

    First time brewing and I think I ****ed up

    if the lid is bulging, under pressure, I'd be worried about the airlock. is it clogged or maybe faulty if it's a new one? Air should leave very freely. The weight of the liquid won't make the lid bulge. Hops won't impact fermentation really. You add it a little later so that the activity...
  7. jimyoung

    Thinking about All Grain

    I moved to AG after just one extract brew... BIAB. I'm giving advice to a friend now who is getting into it. The real difference is /potential/. With AG, you have /potential/ to polish a lot of variables. That said, you don't need to. Don't over do it, and have fun, and as you polish your...
  8. jimyoung

    Efficiency Too High (91%)?

    Yes, and even warm. Try it yourself. Calibrate your refractometer with tapwater. Warm it slightly in the microwave, and measure again. Especially if you're measuring repeatedly.. I measure every 15 mins in the mash, and I found previously that the refractometer itself would slightly heat up...
  9. jimyoung

    First time brewing and I think I ****ed up

    yeah even a small leak will make the airlock look dead. Did you look inside? is it churning, etc? was it old / unbranded yeast? I'd consider tossing another pack of fresh yeast in. When I first read I thought you /did/ rehydrate it. In my early days, I rehydrated in too-warm water and killed...
  10. jimyoung

    My beers are all a little darker than intended... is it possibly the boil?

    Hm. Some great thoughts. I don't actually measure using any kinds of tools or palettes, it's just by eye. And yes, I am judging in a glass by eye - I didn't consider that the standard is a 1/2" sample, that certainly impacts it. My boil-off rate is 4.7L/hr on an 8 gallon tall kettle I do...
  11. jimyoung

    My beers are all a little darker than intended... is it possibly the boil?

    Hey everyone, I've consistently found that my beers come out darker than intended / predicted using Beersmith (2). I hit my targets, volumes, etc., so it's not that. My recent APA came out too dark, my Vienna Lager came out too red, and even my summer ale wasn't as pale as I intended. It's not...
  12. jimyoung

    My beer gushes when I open it? Ruined or not?

    +1 on batch priming. Turbandino sugar will impart flavour - which you may be aiming for, but if not, just be warned. It's just refined sugar with basically molasses added back in. I use dextrose as I've found it to be the most transparent. You can also always just pick up a hydrometer -...
  13. jimyoung

    Another stupid BS question, Last Ver that works on Win XP 32 bit?

    Running /any/ OS that doesn't get security updates is a terrible idea. It isn't about going to safe websites. Your machine has vulnerabilities that can be exploited transparently, without your knowledge, and automatically while it's up. In the old days, you'd get a virus that's job was to...
  14. jimyoung


    It doesn't? I haven't had a good one yet... But seriously, I've read that corona go through pains to use hop extracts and hop like compounds to reduce the problem. If that's true then the comparison may not work. To get bottles, I dropped off a six pack of home made beer to a buddy, asked for...
  15. jimyoung

    Starter question...

    I agree with everyone here.. There are so many variables already in play, that your job with a starter is to try and just get within the ballpark. It's certainly not precise and doesn't even consider ambient temperature, etc. So to answer your question, I wouldn't sweat it :)