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    iso:cuvee de tomme and fou foune ft: troegs and voodoo lineup

    looking for cuvee de tomme and fou foune. i have voodoo and troegs available as well as any other PA brewery
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    ECY Bugs

    ive got bug county slurry, ecy02 flemish ale in bottles, and some northeast ale (conan strain)
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    ISO: 2.5/3gal kegs FT: 5gal corney

    are your kegs pin or ball lock? what kind of shape are they in
  4. jester5120

    blichmann top tier questions

    just bought a top tier. its still on its way here actually. i was wonderimg if anyone knows roughly bow much they weigh and how easy they are to move. i often brew at my buddies and was just trying to figure out if i could drive this fella across town. the setup i got is for 2 burners with...
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    Brewers near dubois pa. ?

    Yep. Its referred to as partigyle brewing. You basically just run a second charge of water through
  6. jester5120

    Need help from Austrailian brewers

    He's in south Yarra. I'll send him those links
  7. jester5120

    Need help from Austrailian brewers

    My buddy moved to victoria Australia for work and can't find any decent beers or breweries in the area. Can anyone help me point him in the right direction? He's also a fantastic homebrew taste tester..... ;0
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    Sour County Rye

    It's super funky and lots of nice rye flavor but not real sour. Its only about 9 months old right now tho. I ordered my ecy from love2brew
  9. jester5120

    15-18% ABV Sour

    yeah i'm not even gonna attempt to condition the beer. that's the route i've gone with all my big beers.
  10. jester5120

    15-18% ABV Sour

    I had a couple more ideas on this beer and wanted to bounce them off you guys. I think I have the sourness taken care of but now i'm wondering about keeping the yeast functional in such an acidic environment. wild brews states that brett is good until about a ph of 3.4. does that just mean it...
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    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    I want one of those
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    It's finally here, the Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler!

    I'm sure if i had one of these i'd really like it but it just looks like NB has reinvented the bucket. Even most 6 gallon better bottles are cheaper than this bucket. I don't manually scrub anything anymore so getting my arm down in there is of no advantage, i just oxyclean/pbw. Anyhow i like...