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    How much do you pay for a CO2 tank? Refill?

    I have a 20# I'm looking to get rid of. It needs to be tested, but is still holding gas. Would a 5# aluminum with reg be a good swap? If so, anyone near Houston want to swap?
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    15 here Total: 20,272
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    Cornelius Kegs a deal or not?

    Dunno if they're still a kit at that can contact them though and find out. I bought mine in an e-bay auction from the seller, who had a ton of these kegs. Adventures in Homebrewing 313-277-2739 23439 Ford Rd. Dearborn, MI 48128 I bought mine...
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    Cornelius Kegs a deal or not?

    Add in your estimated cost for gas during the trip and re-determine the price. If you drive a gas guzzler, then it may not be worth it. Assume 8 hrs at 65mph is 520 miles. Say your vehicle gets 20mpg, so you've used up 26gal of gas. Gas is $2.85/gal down here, so it would run me $75 in gas...
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    IEDefender, removing it?

    When you click on search, there is a tab on the top right, just under where you type in what you are searching for that is called "Advanced Search". Expand this and select which drive/folders to search through.
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    Call of Duty 4

    Here's some good reviews:
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    Possible Food Saver Replacement?

    Could I vac seal crushed grain with this and use it at a later point in time? I know crushed grains need to be used within a few days, but I'm thinking longer term storage of up to a month maybe without any bad side effects to the grains.
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    Time to build the brew hut! Any ideas?

    I just sont see there being enough room in a 15'x20' shed for all of that and a stripper pole. I mean...the guys need some kind of entertainment on poker nights between rounds of Hold 'em besides just great beer. Something you might think about is talking to an AC guy about an old unit...
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    My mom ROCKS

    Yesterday my mom got home from a 2 week trek from Texas to Wisconsin, and numerous places in between. Brought back tons of stuff for the family. I came out on the winning end of gifts me thinks. She stopped in the Amana Colonies in Iowa at their microbrew and loaded up. I got a nice shirt...
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    Beer Soap mom just got back off a 2 week trip through the country and brought me a bar of it. It's Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap made by Milwaukee Beer Soap. Here's their myspace page: The bar of soap came with a small flyer describing the soap. It's...
  11. J

    Edmund Fitzgerald?

    Considering I live over 1300 miles away from the brewery....neither I, nor the wife have tried this one. Never seen it locally either. Not sure how much I'd like it, as I've yet to develop a liking for Porters. Tried half a dozen over the years, and never much cared for them.
  12. J

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    74-79 degrees. I have some Montrachet in the fridge. Think I should repitch, or sample and see if it's drinkable?
  13. J

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Here's mine after 2 months in the fermenter: It hasn't cleared, and there has been absolutely NO airlock activity in the past month. Should I just let it sit longer, or pitch more yeast? I used 5 gal Tree Top AJ, 2lbs Dextrose, and 1pkg Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. It's still so...
  14. J

    WHY did my Bomex flask crack!?

    Mine cracked on my electric stove the second time I used it. Pisses me off because there's nowhere locally to buy one and I'll have to order through B3 to get another one and pay s/h. I tried putting the flask in a big arse pot and boiling it that way, but after 30 minutes of the pot at a...
  15. J

    What do you have?

    Dual burner propane cooker Single burner propane cooker 2x Keggle Homemade hop stopper Homemade sight glass IC CFC 5gal cooler 2x 6 gal primaries 3x 5 gal secondaries 3 gal carboy Stirplate w/ 1L flask Kegerator 12x 5 gal kegs 2x 20# CO2 tanks About 500 bottles 2x Deluxe bench...