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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    In. in. in. in.
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    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    Awesome. I guess it's time to pull out the ol' cc and buy some struts! Thanks for the feedback.
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    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    Hi. I have a erector-set based brew stand made from the galvanized L style steel from HD. However, after running it for the last 5-6 brew sessions, I'm getting some serious deflection of the support braces around where the bayou style burners are hanging - we're talking about a good 1/2" -...
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    Bottling in stainless water bottles?

    I freely admit to being one of those guys that likes to sit my fat ass on the beach and guzzle a few refreshing corporate swills. Before the lynch mob starts gathering pitchforks, I'd much rather consume my own flavorful homebrew. But pulling that bottle out of the cooler and pouring a cold...
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    All Group Buy Participants - NCM Price Change

    I've been thinking about this. The real problem here is information. NCM has exposed their wholesale pricing to the retail customers. In most industries, this would be highly unlikely. Imagine if you had the wholesale prices for the groceries you buy down at Acme... Frankly we have been...
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    NHC tickets 2013

    Got mine...
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 35!

    Thanks Jeff! We really really appreciate the effort you put into this...
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 35!

    I'm in for: 1xCM‐PALE 2xBZ‐PILS 1xTF‐MOPA 1xBZ‐MUNH Thanks!
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    Pool filter fermenter

    Since that was a pool filter what did you do to clean it? Your finished work looks awesome, so I assume you did a very thorough job... I'd worry about the gnarly chemicals that were previously in there. Any concerns? any off-taste in any of your beer?
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    Starter SS pot & burner find

    I'm not selling... but, came across this while looking for 30 gal stainless pots for an upgrade to my system.. Seemed like a good enough deal to pass on to a new brewers contemplating moving up to their first full boil: 32 quart...
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    Strategies - too much wort for kettle

    Follow up: So, what we ended up doing is to fill the kettle to ~18.5 gallons and then continued to sparge off into a 5 gal bucket for the remaining 2-3 gallons. Then we carefully added the 2-3 gallons of wort to the kettle over the course of the 90 minute boil. This method worked just fine -...
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    Fell asleep on couch, boil went 6 hours

    Once that wort chilled down to around 100, it would have been ripe for all kinds of beasties to get in there... wild yeast, bacteria. I'm thinking that if you just pitch at this point, you're going to end up with a sour. Probably not what you want. I'd consider diluting it down to the gravity...
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    Adding wort to a fermenting batch?

    There's no problem with this.... Very common method for small breweries that have a boil kettle that is much smaller than the fermenter... I'd only be wary of 2 things: 1) possible contamination and possibly oxygen issues if the there is a long lag between the start of the first fermentation...