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    best sandwich you ever had

    I just remembered one place that USED to have a really good sandwich. When Pollo Tropical (later called Tropigrill for some reason) first showed up in Tampa, the one on Dale Mabry that eventually became Hops had a palomilla steak sandwich that was really good. It had some kind of spread on it...
  2. J

    No Octoberfest for you, drink Pumpkin beer

    Call your Congressman and tell them to supposed the proposed *****ebiergebots law.:mug:
  3. J

    Specialty ingredients and additions: Do people even like "beer" anymore?

    There are a lot of beer fans who wonder why you want so much hops in your beer. its a PRESERVATIVE. :ban: As for the original question, I would not propose that we have a strict law like the Reinheitsgebot, but a *****ebiergebots might be in order. :mug:
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    I have also heard that about a lot o "standard" bourbon with rye. Notice that the Van Winkle and Weller hooch that are aged a long time are wheated bourbon. One thing about bourbon is that unlike Scotch, the use of newly charred barrels may allow bourbon to get to drinkable age a bit faster.
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    One food you have never had... but are curious

    I know that one reason was that big Us style refrigerators were a MAJOR luxury back in the 80's in most of Europe. Not sure if that is the same today. Back in the old days, I knew two people who had big American style side by side fridges and they were both fairly well off. We still have a lot...
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    The Ummu Thread (Hawaiian underground oven)

    Just buy some lava rocks for the girl. they should last a long time especially if you put them on top and they are not getting grease on them.
  7. J

    What's Your Most Absurd, Wierd or Inappropriate Name for a Beer in Competition?

    How can you pick just one? Microbrews outdo even lame hot sauces when it comes to stupid product names. I'm thinking of a possible celebrity endorsement deal. How about Lil' Wayne's Sweaty Balls Malt Liquor? ;)
  8. J

    Ranking of states by beer... interesting.

    Aside from Lexington, Louisville and the Newport area, Kentucky doesn't have a lot going on period.:D With that said, I would sure like to see the brothers at the Trappist abbey at Gethsemani make some beer, but I guess they are too busy with the super yummy fudge and cheese.
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    Heading to Germany tomorrow

    Germans, Belgians and Dutch laugh at American hopheads. Take a fashion risk. Just walk into pubs, etc and drink what they have on tap. You will probably be pleased.
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    A Controversial Question: What is the best crappy beer?

    I know some early 30 something hipsters and neo-hippies who when they want a break from PBR, stick a slice of lime in a bottle of High Life and call it Ghetto Corona. Of course, I think that is an insult to Miller. :mug:
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    One food you have never had... but are curious

    Back in the mid 80's they were really pushing that boxed milk hard in West Germany. I don't recall it being all that easy to buy a liter of "regular" milk when I was there back then, We had to pretty much settle for Parmalat or the German version at the supermarket. I never grocery shopped in...
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    One food you have never had... but are curious

    As I recall, a lot of the warnings that we hear about salmonella are related to eggs and, more specifically, to letting anything with mayonnaise sit out for too long, chicken and vegetables
  13. J

    One food you have never had... but are curious

    I have had unpasteurized Camembert in France and the UK and yes, it is a bit different. Even a relatively young cheese like that has a more noticeable cheesy good stank to it in the unpastuerized form and a bit more zip. I will say this, though. Pasteurized milk sold cold in the US is INFINITELY...
  14. J

    A Controversial Question: What is the best crappy beer?

    In my limited experience, Yuengling is a less tasty and cheaper version of Sam Adams. How you think it compare to the Mexican Vienna style lagers?
  15. J

    The Ummu Thread (Hawaiian underground oven)

    Very cool.:mug: A little safety tip. I learned at a young age that if you don't want exploding rocks, you should not throw sandstone in a fire. I don't know if other sedimentary rocks will blow up too, but sandstone will for sure. Lava rocks like the ones that you can buy for your gas grill will...